Both individuals and businesses all over the world today are concerned with productivity. Everybody is willing to get his/her things done quickly and with minimum effort. Improving time management skills has become the cry of the day to ensure increased productivity and successful accomplishment of the desired aims and objectives. Some of the best productivity apps for 2020 are listed in the following sections.

To make yourself more productive, an investment in just a few of these proves to be beneficial.

Without much ado, let’s begin with our discussion.

Mobile apps have become an important part of our lives as they enable in making our tasks and responsibilities easy and simple just by few clicks. The advancements in technologies have made mobile applications engaging and interactive for all types of users. Businesses across industries also find apps useful as they can streamline their offerings distinctively and can serve the targeted audience with utmost ease and efficiency.


1. Trello

What Are The Top 10 Business Apps To Enhance Productivity_Trello

With Trello, a project management tool you can actually manage all your related tasks with ease and efficiency. Users can create cards for each task so that the entire project can be segregated into smaller parts for convenience and accuracy. There are different columns into which the cards can be arranged to demarcate various phases of the project. After successfully completing each task the cards get transferred from one column to the other.

This is free to use with basic features but with additional ones and premium plans the plans start from 9.99 dollars per month.

Download Trello – Android | iOS


2. Zapier

What Are The Top 10 Business Apps To Enhance Productivity_Zapier

This is an integration tool that will help you to automate different applications that do not communicate with each other. For example, you can integrate Gmail so that all its attachments can be automatically downloaded to the Dropbox folder and can give alerts via Slack.

Thus, it saves lots of time and you just need a few clicks at your mouse. No coding is required. Monotonous tasks like data entry can be handled using Zapier. There is a free trial for 14 days after which there will be a charge of 20 dollars or more per month depending on the functionalities you need.

Download Zapier – Windows


3. ToDoist

What Are The Top 10 Business Apps To Enhance Productivity_ToDoist

This is one of the popular apps which helps your business to create never-ending to-do lists. Thus you will not only be able to do things in a timely manner but can also keep a track regarding what needs to be done according to their priorities. For example, if you schedule a meeting tomorrow at 12 noon, this app will automatically give you a reminder along with putting the task in the “meetings” section.

Besides this app, you can also keep a track of your team by assigning and planning project responsibilities, monitoring deadlines, discussing project details, etc.

To access the basic features this app comes free of cost, with 36 dollars per year you can go for premium features but to access all the user needs to pay 60 dollars in one year.

Download ToDoist – Android | iOS | Windows


4. Calendar

What Are The Top 10 Business Apps To Enhance Productivity_Calendar

If you want to be more productive than others, save time and focus on your core tasks, then this app has to be your pick. Driven by AI concept this app enables in utilizing minimum time and effort to plan your work on a daily, weekly, monthly and also yearly basis. Here you do not have to be bothered about any overbookings as it will schedule only one meeting at a time. Thus you can maximize your productivity either through free access or even by availing a monthly subscription plan.

Download Calendar – Android | iOS | Windows 


5. Hootsuite

What Are The Top 10 Business Apps To Enhance Productivity_Hootsuite

Social media has a definite advantage in today’s business environment. Companies, unlike earlier times, can now easily interact with their targeted customers using various social media platforms. Hootsuite is one such name that enables companies to enhance their presence using different social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. from the same screen. Without logging into each platform you can still reply to the comments inside this tool.

The scheduling feature is another of its advantage which can help planning for the next week, month or even three months. In fact, you can schedule hundreds of messages at a single point of time just by monitoring your accounts. Hootsuite software will automatically post content at the time mentioned by you beforehand.

There are different mobile app development companies whom you can approach for creating such types of apps tailor-made for your business aims and objectives.

Download Hootsuite – Android | iOS | Windows


6. CloudApp

What Are The Top 10 Business Apps To Enhance Productivity_CloudApp

This is a visual communication tool that is highly intuitive and can help your team to save up to 56 hours per week. With features like image annotation, webcam recording, GIF creation, you can establish your plans or ideas much faster with respect to internal and external communication. Here you are free from the hassle of composing elaborate and complex emails to share your points.

This incredible app to increase business productivity is being used by industry stalwarts like Adobe, Uber, Facebook along with 3 million users.

Download CloudApp – Android | iOS | Windows


7. HelloSign

What Are The Top 10 Business Apps To Enhance Productivity_HelloSign

Signing loads of documents earlier was truly time taking till electronic software signature came into existence. With this tool, there is no hassle of signing contracts or documents as you can do all electronically. All signature done by HelloSign is legally binding.

For upgraded plans, it charges 13 dollars per month but for limited uses it is free.

However, it should be noted that those who are sending or creating documents using it will have to pay the monthly charges but those who are receiving such documents do not need to pay anything. In fact, they also do not have to create their account.

Download HelloSign – Android | iOS | Windows


8. Toggl

What Are The Top 10 Business Apps To Enhance Productivity_Toggl

This is a simple and intuitive time tracker tool that can be used by your team to enhance the desired output. It works well with both mobile devices and desktops and will help you to manage time irrespective of your working place. After completing any task you can take a look at its detailed report to understand how your time has been spent. Accordingly, you can adjust it for the future to ensure more productivity.

With basic features this tool is free but for premium ones, the user needs to pay 9 dollars per month.

Download Toggl – Android | iOS | Windows


9. Slack

What Are The Top 10 Business Apps To Enhance Productivity_Slack

This is another application that deserves mention as an incredible productivity booster for your business. Globally established brands like AirBnB, Target, Oracle have already tasted success using this app. This actually acts as a communication platform that eases the process of collaboration. An email is definitely a great tool but it really becomes tedious when you need to converse with colleagues.

Using Slack, you can arrange and organize all your professional conversations in one place so that those can be easily obtained when required.

For different projects, you can create various channels so that only concerned employees can be involved. Also, it enables people to jump in and out of communication as per their needs. It implies that people who are no longer involved in the conversation will not receive any notifications.

From sharing documents to video chatting and sending GIFs, Slack can do all with efficiency. In fact, it is more than an alternative to email.

Download Slack – Android | iOS | Windows


10. LastPass

What Are The Top 10 Business Apps To Enhance Productivity_LastPass

Remembering passwords combining symbols, letters, numbers are incredibly frustrating. With this application, you can remember, generate and even share secured and detailed passwords. To ensure specific and purposeful communication companies now use various business accounts like MailChimp, Salesforce, Outlook, Dropbox, etc.

Different accounts will have separate passwords which at times becomes difficult to recollect. With this tool, you can easily manage all those so that your time gets saved for other productive affairs.

Now from the discussion above you can now have an idea, how business productivity apps can contribute to making tasks easy and convenient for you. So to suit your business nature and scope you can consult a popular mobile app development company to create apps so that your workflow processes can be streamlined effectively without investing huge time.

Download LastPass – Android | iOS | Windows



In the above section top 10 business productivity apps have been mentioned out of which you can pick up the most suitable one as per your requirements. Each one has its own prospects so before picking up the right solutions you need to check whether it will meet your objectives or not.