In the 21st century, technology dominates the global market with the surging prevalence of software rather than hardware central to the next era of tech. Within the tech landscape, the niche of ‘Software as a Service (SaaS)’ is booming with Coherent Market Insights estimating SaaS will hit a new value high of $114.6 billion USD in 2021.

With this tech transcending all industries and being relied upon globally in every market from health and community services to supply chains and government, it’s no wonder that this is the pillar of operational processes these days. More specifically, SaaS platforms are fundamental across industries in the delivery of every area of operations including customer service, data management, transactions, cloud storage, and so much more.

SaaS is also a practical solution for one key problem that affects most organizations: communication. As a major issue that traditionally consumes huge amounts of an organization’s qualitative and quantitative resources, it’s big news that SaaS can resolve the issue as well as further strategic objectives.

To resolve this complex problem of communication, SaaS tech is being used with great success for all kinds of processes with bulk messaging proving to be particularly fruitful. Due to the sophistication of iterations that use artificial intelligence (AI), this SaaS can work across a range of communications in email, chatbots, SMS and text messaging, and more, to complete the communication tasks that create backlogs, confusion, and delays.

So, how does it work? In practice this type of bulk messaging SaaS reliably delivers more accurate, agile, consistent and timely outreach in order to meet a range of operational goals. This bulk messaging uses machine learning for instantaneous responses in a chatbot format or for scheduled correspondence text reminders as a routine ‘set and forget’ for more efficient systems.

Overall, this new era of bulk messaging with AI is hugely positive for all kinds of organizations, such as commercial entities like real estate providers through to educational institutions like schools. What’s more, this bulk messaging SaaS is an affordable investment that’s easily implemented and it has serious returns for a range of stakeholders.

To explore this topic in more detail, business messaging specialist Cadoo shared the infographic below, ‘How to Boost Your Bulk Messaging with Artificial Intelligence’. In addition to explaining more about this specific SaaS niche, the graphic delves into the AI functionality while providing a more thorough description of the headline benefits. Read on for more details including relevant statistics and expert insights.


How Artificial Intelligence Helps In Bulk Messaging