We all know Internet of Things has created a buzz all around the world because of its excellent features. Not only this, it has promised a lot of perks for the future. Most of us must be dreaming of an alarm clock that will start making a coffee and an air conditioner that will start on its own before reaching home. All such technology devices can be expected by 2025, but for those who are eager to know the next level of IoT, we have discussed a few technology devices that will connect you with future of IoT.


1. More than a Google Glass

What are Internet Of Things (IoT) Developments & Its Advantages_Google Glasses

SmartPick is a Belgium based innovation has proven an advanced form of Google glass. They have brought up a device in the form of camera equipped glasses that will serve business purpose. It will not only have the camera, but also the ability to get connected with Wi-Fi. The glasses will recognize the code hanging on the basket. This code is further processes to the sales order management system and the amount of the product to be purchased will be displayed on the eyeglass screen. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it will reduce the product distribution error and enhance the productivity up to an extent.


2. Energy Efficient Sunglasses

Bluetooth enabled sunglasses that can tracked by iPhone will be introduced soon. They are expected to be small in size and energy efficient. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) chip of 3 mm size will be integrated within the device and there will be no USB’s charging plug. Solar cell is all that will charge the device within an hour. These glasses is around the concept brought up by Tzukuri that will set the best example of small and low power IoT device. iPhone app will also be introduced for tracking the exact location of the glasses.


3. Pocket Friendly IoT Devices

What are Internet Of Things (IoT) Developments & Its Advantages_IoT Devices

In the current scenario, the cost of the wireless technology devices is the biggest barrier of all. Usually, IoT devices are either dependent on local network or cellular network, but a dominating fact is that local network has limited connectivity range and cellular networks are expensive.

Overcoming this issue, a French Company; Sigfox is employing a low-bandwidth network of 100 bps rate will have a long range. Another fact about this strategy is that it is limited for machine-to-machine communication and can’t be used for voice or video calling.

Above all the issues, the biggest advantage among all is that people will get connected within their homes and workplaces at the very cheap rates.


4. Eco-friendly Devices

Water management is one of the amazing advantages that can be adopted out of IoT technology. There exists a product, namely, Valley Irrigation’s SoliPro 1200 that have ability to reach the ground in-depth. It is loaded with sensors that track moisture levels, moisture and soil electrical conductivity.

Tracking all this can help the user to know fertilization ability of the data. In addition to this feature, it boasts solar panels and a battery for power, cellular connection feature for transmitting data over cloud. Using the device, the farmer can save water and other resources.


5. Garments Checking Health Status

What are Internet Of Things (IoT) Developments & Its Advantages_IoT Biometric Health Clothes Garments

You might have never given a thought over clothes having ability to produce health status. Yes, that’s true! OMsignal have worked on the garments that can read breathing and heart rate along with activity intensity, breathing depth, number of steps and calories burned. The manufacturers are planning to launch the device very soon. The baseline is, the garment sensor will get connected to a water resistant black little box. It operates using bluetooth, charge using USB and stand by upto 30 hours.


The Bottom Line

Some of the concepts or ideas have been just evolved and some of them have been already implemented. As per the features, functioning and performance of existing IoT devices, the users are expecting a lot from the technology for the upcoming years. Here, we have mentioned a few of them that can change the lifestyle of people. The list is not this limited, instead there are many more innovations that can be added to the list. They also have ability to enhance the living quality of people and productivity of various domains.