Growing work complexities makes it extremely tasking to keep tab over all our proceedings in an error free manner. But EssentialPIM can fill in this void with the best storage and management solution of your professional and personal information seamlessly. You can thus concentrate more on the work as this versatile tool takes care of everything else ranging from upcoming appointments to scheduling new ones.

An intuitive interface comes in both dark and light mode while offering users with a bird’s eye view of their daily work for adding to the efficiency meter. Let’s now take a look at the various features of this software which has led to its massive popularity among masses.


  • Consolidation Of Data

Organize & Access Information Easily With EssentialPIM_1

You can opt for different software to store different data like contacts, tasks, passwords and reminders. But the main problem arises when you need to cross-tag data with one another so that one variable gets changed automatically on changing the other. EssentialPIM can suffice all your data consolidation woes as you can access the services across different platforms and cloud services. Since the data remains stored in a scalable database, you can access it easily while referring to email messages, contacts, notes, tasks, passwords or appointments. As the information remains neatly collated in one place, you don’t need to toggle between applications, services, platforms or devices.


  • Synchronization Of Data

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EssentialPIM synchronizes the data of Calendars, Contacts, To-Do etc. with iCloud, Google and Microsoft Outlook for reducing chances of mistakes which become a big inconvenience with manual record keeping. Users can even access data remotely while being away from their desktop or mobile provided this feature is enabled on EPIM cloud which consistently keeps on creating data backups. Another noteworthy attribute of EssentialPIM is its local network sync which can serve as the best solution for users who do not want to sync their data using a cloud account over the internet. But for availing this feature, you will require a local network or Wi-Fi connection which will help with the process. Its portable email client works in both online and offline mode. It can add to your productivity by integration with Contacts and other modules of EssentialPIM. The email module functions in a manner similar to a mature email client with features like printing, signatures etc. Privacy of emails is also retained by full PGP encryption.


  • Ease-Of-Use

The streamlined interface of EssentialPIM can easily cater to the requirements of novice users with its self-explanatory look and feel. All the functions remain neatly sub-divided into different sections and subsections. Users can even customize the interface according to their taste by simply dragging the borders. The clutter-free interface of EssentialPIM can be compared with that of a calendar app or mail client app when viewed from a Windows desktop. You can easily categorize calendars, emails, contacts, passwords and to-do tasks. The emails created can be scheduled and sent to multiple recipients in the form of brochures or emailers. Various passwords can also be stored for different accounts using a master lock. Setting daily reminders makes it easy to check the progress of various tasks and the overall performance.


  • Complete Data Control

Users can avail a variety of techniques for organizing their data conveniently using EssentialPIM which can render them greater flexibility with the work done. You can gain an overview of all the tasks awaiting on a particular day from the Daily Agenda feature which collates data from different modules like Tasks, Notes and Calendars. It also becomes possible to plan days in advance using the Calendar function so that you can exercise your maximum potential at work without conflicting appointments. All the tasks can be filtered according to location, priority and percentage of completion so that you can take them up as and when required.


  • Safety Of Information

Organize & Access Information Easily With EssentialPIM_3

EssentialPIM makes it very easy to store sensitive information such as your bank credentials without having to worry about its safety courtesy its advanced data protection features. You can keep vital information buffered from falling into the wrong hands with the AES 256-bit encryption used by EssentialPIM which implements industry standard SSL certificates for further strengthening the security parameter. Your personal data remains protected from surveillance activities and security threats at all times. All the stored information remains in your Windows, Android or iOS device and doesn’t get transmitted over the internet unless it is synchronized with existing applications and cloud service.



Searching for information becomes a cakewalk with EssentialPIM which stores all the data in a scalable database. The best thing about EPIM is that you can use it straight out of a USB flash drive in a plug and play mode which makes it perfect for users who do not wish to weigh down their system with bulky software downloads.