Blockchain plays a vital role in all crypto payments. As it stores its transactions blockwise in a systematic way and those blocks are inter-related to each other respectively. It is an open source decentralized network. Hence, it is transparent in nature and can be viewed by all but can’t be edited by anyone. With its outstanding features it has entered into many fields like health care, real estate, educational institutions, financial institution, bitcoin casinos.

Libra a global coin was built on blockchain technology. It is an innovative creation of American Social Media Company in past years. It is yet to gain its ability to transact with billions of people across the world. In the recent announcement Facebook has declared to rename Libra as Novi.

Libra payment system is built on blockchain technology with a high quality security system. Through Libra we can send money to any person no matter where he is. It is mobile friendly too. Libra is a stable coin which supports USD, EURO’s, GBP and also supports multi currency coins LBR. These stable coins are made up of cash and cash equivalents. Hence, Libra coins can be converted into local currency in a very simple way whenever we need.

Let’s get more detailed about Libra, a global coin. Our team from has developed an interesting and unique infographic on Libra Coin – A New Digital Currency Developed by Facebook. Hope you all like it please share it with your friends.

Libra - Cryptocurrency By Facebook - low size