Kindle is one of the devices that is very popular in the market. Every kid on every block is using a kindle who liked to read novels or want to stream content. Kindle is the device for the eBooks that have been made by Amazon.

The users love to buy this device and enjoy their favorite books. You can have access to thousands of books on this device. You do not have to bear the heavyweight of books anymore. There are various features in this device that can sway any user, but with all the features, it is not free from any issues or errors.

One of the main common errors is Kindle Critical Battery Error. This is one of the most general errors faced by users. This error is generally displayed when your e-book is jammed and then. The battery is empty or is jammed on the charging screen. This issue will appear in your kindle when our kindle is 100% vacant.

There is one thing that you should be careful about and that is your Kindle E-book. They should be operated carefully and must be managed very attentively. When you are using your kindle in excess, or you are using it too often, and the battery is empty, then there is going to be a message that will be displayed on the screen.

This message is going to be the Kindle Critical battery error.  If you are seeing this message, then make sure that you are following certain steps to resolve the issue.


Steps To Resolve The Kindle Critical Battery Error

Step 1 – Connect The Charger

What Are The Steps To Resolve Kindle Critical Battery Error_Connect The Charger

The first thing that is required by you is to connect your device with the charger. This is one critical error which is why it is suggested that you do not use the laptop or a PC to charge your Device. Do not try to recharge your device using a data cable.

This is going to take more time as compared with the power outlet. Make sure that the charging LED is lighting, which means that the device is charging properly. If you see that no light is charging and then unplug the charger for some time. After some time plug it back and makes sure that the light is on.

These critical errors can also make the charging stop after they have been plugged in for a couple of seconds. You need to make sure that you charge your kindle for at least 4 to 5 hours that is going to charge your device adequately.


Step 2 – Push And Click The Power Button For At Least A Minute

What Are The Steps To Resolve Kindle Critical Battery Error_Turn Off Button

You need to connect your kindle charger and then connect it to the power outlet. You need to push and hold the power button for a minimum time of at least one minute and then check whether it is charging or not. When this action is being performed, make sure that the device is switched off.

Check whether or not the LED indicator is lighting or not. If it is not lighting, then try to replug the device by unplugging the device. You need to charge your device for at least 5 hours to make sure that your battery can get fully charged.


Step 3 – Recovery Mode

If you are still facing the same Kindle Critical Battery Error and are not able to resolve it, then you need to apply this step. In this step, you need to just plug out the cable and hold the power button for at least 20-30 seconds. After you are done, instantly press the home button key for at least 30 to 45 seconds.

When you are doing that you are going to see that your kindle battery life will start to show the flashlight. After that free the home key. This will make your device to reboot. You need to continue this process and hold the R key until you see that there is a flash going on and off on your Kindle screen.

After you have completed your device reboot, it is possible that you will face this issue again. If you are seeing the same issue, then you need to plug in the USB cable and hold the kindle to the home screen.


None Working? The Battery Is Dead !

What Are The Steps To Resolve Kindle Critical Battery Error_Dead Battery

If you see that all the above-mentioned solutions are not working, then it’s possible that the battery is dead and you need to get in touch with someone who can provide you with a new battery. In that case, you need to get in touch with the kindle customer service.

They are going to let you all the options that you will be having. But before that make sure that you are following the above solutions in order to Kindle Critical Battery Error.