How Mobile Phone Is Tracked Via Gmail?

How to track mobile location using a Gmail account? Is it possible to find my device without using any paid app?

We often encounter these types of questions from the person who lost their phones and want to track them using Gmail or Google accounts. Losing your phone makes you worried, not just because it costs more money but also the valuable personal data that is in it.

Read the article until the end and find out how mobile phone is tracked via Gmail id.


How To Track Mobile Phone Location Using A Gmail Account?

In this digital world, mobile phones are an important gadget for everyone. Mobile devices help to connect people digitally, so they go everywhere with us. That’s why, there is a high chance of loosing the device. Even when we can’t find our devices inside our homes, we feel helpless. Although the phone lies below the sofa, we get tensed. Then think about the terrific feeling that person got when they lost their devices at a park or club.

But don’t worry, here we will explore how to track the lost phones. The easy access to the internet makes it possible to track your devices easily. And also, mobile phones (mostly Android phones) are often connected to a Gmail account. The Gmail account enhances your internet experience and makes it too easy to track mobile phones using Gmail. But you need to prepare several things before tracking lost android phones using Gmail.


Preparation Needed Before Using Gmail To Find A Lost Phone

The Android phone users have a Gmail ID that connects them with Google’s phone location service. Google’s “Find My Device” will help track mobile phones but only if the Gmail ID is connected to your Android phone. Otherwise, this great method will be useless for you.

Other than that, you must take the following practice in advance.

1.              The device should not get turned off.

2.              The device with a strong internet connection

3.              Turn on the Location Service

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Turn on the location service by going through your device “Settings” and clicking on the “Location” option. And toggle the button to turn it on.

4.              Turn on Find My Device

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Enable the Google “Find my Device” on the Android mobile device by going through your phone “Settings” and scrolling down and tapping on the Google. Afterward, click on “Find My Devices.” Lastly, select the “on” toggle button to turn it on.

5.              Google Play Visibility

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You have to check if your google play visibility is on or not because if the device is hidden on Google Play Store, it will not appear on Find My Device.


  • Go to
  • Scroll down to the My Device section. There you can see the list of your Android device linked with your Google accounts.
  • Now tap on the visibility checkbox.


Find A Lost Phone Using Gmail ID.

Google’s “Find My Device” app is capable of finding the location of a stolen Android phone with some additional features, such as “play sound” and a “secure device.” In the worst case, when you think your android phone gets stolen, you can erase all the data from the device.

When you choose to Play Sound, your lost or stolen phone will ring for 5 minutes, whether it is in silent mode or what. You can stop the ring after you find the device.

To track your lost mobile phone location, go through the following steps:

  1. Go to the android/find from another Android phone.
  2. Sign in to your Google account that is connected to the lost device.
  3. The lost android device will get a notification.
  4. The map will appear in the center of the screen.

How Mobile Phone Is Tracked Via Gmail_4

On the left side of the screen, you can see the details of the lost mobiles, such as battery percentage, wifi name, android version, and so on. And if you wish to see the registered details and IMEI number, click on the circle with the “i” button.

If the location service is turned off or the device’s battery gets drained, you can only see the device’s last known location. But it is still useful for those who get confused from where to start the search.


Still Failed To Track Mobile Phone Location?

What if I still can’t track my phone? You may have this question in your head. Don’t stress; we will also solve this query for you.

When your device loses the internet connection, Google “Find My Device” won’t be able to find your device location. As you see, there are several things you have to take care of before tracking the mobile phone via Gmail, so it is impossible to find a device without that.

When your device location is turned off, and the internet connection is lost, you can use the phone tracker and spy applications such as to track your stolen phone. These spy applications have a GPS tracking feature that gives you an accurate location. You don’t need the Gmail ID to track the device with phone tracker applications. Moreover, spy applications can track Android and iPhone remotely.



Mobile devices can easily track down using a Gmail account; only you need is to prepare a few things first. So, I think I have answered your queries; How mobile phone is tracked via a Gmail account. You can track your stolen phone using the Google Find My Device app.