We all agree that junk files are frustrating and can slow down your system speed. So you need to clear the junk files from time to time availing the best free ram cleaner. In today’s, we will share seven free junk files cleaner for windows.

With the continuous use of the system, the more junk files stored on your computer. No matter which operating system you are on, junk files appear on all of them. A junk file cleaner software will help you to locate the junk files and remove them to speed up your PC. Before we begin talking about the best junk file cleaner for Windows, it is essential to know what junk files are?


What Are Junk Files?

7 Free Junk Files Cleaners For Windows_bleachbit

Have you ever thought about where these junk files come from? Then you are on the right page. Junk files are temporary data files which are created by the operating system and other program installed on your computer. When you perform the cleanup of junk files, the following data will get deleted from your order:

  • Temp files.
  • The system produced junk files.
  • Recycle bin files.
  • Thumbnails
  • Log files.
  • Program files.

If you have limited storage on your computer, then this is the best practice to delete the junk files to free up space.

Now I hope you acknowledge the basics of junk files. We will move ahead and start talking about free junk files cleaner for Windows.


Best Junk files Cleaners For Windows

In this section, we will best suggest some of the best junk files for Windows.

1. BoostSpeed 11

7 Free Junk Files Cleaners For Windows__BoostSpeed 11

BoostSpeed 11 is one of the excellent junk file cleaners that will let you clean junk files with a single click. More than 15 million-plus users use this software around the globe. BoostSpeed allows you to perform scan operations on your system to identify the unwanted junk files, slow speed issues, and causes for any other system issue.

It is available solely for the Windows platform. The free version of BoostSpeed 11 is enough for most of the users, while the paid version of this software offers several advanced features such as privacy protection, complete registry cleanup.

Free Download – BoostSpeed 11


2. Advanced SystemCare 13

7 Free Junk Files Cleaners For Windows_Advanced System Optimizer13

Advanced SystemCare 13 is introduced by 10 bit. Its automatic and advanced features make it a preferred choice for junk file cleanup on Windows. Advanced SystemCare 13 offers features such as deep registry clean, protecting online privacy, and speeding up your internet connection.

The free version of Advanced SystemCare includes the primary PC clean and optimization feature along with the real-time monitor system. If you want to access the advanced functionality, then you need to purchase the premium version of it. The premium version starts from $19.99 and can be used on almost all versions of Windows.

Free Download – Advanced SystemCare 13


3. Advanced System Optimizer

7 Free Junk Files Cleaners For Windows_Advanced SystemCare

It is one of the best Disk cleaner and optimizers introduced by Systweak. It can quickly locate the unwanted junk files and let you remove them with a single click. Apart from junk file deletion, Advanced System Optimizer also helps you protect your privacy. The memory optimizer feature of this software instantly frees up RAM to speed up the system.

Free Download – Advanced System Optimizer


4. AVG TuneUp

7 Free Junk Files Cleaners For Windows_AVG TuneUp

Avg TuneUp is a widely used junk file cleaner. This software is one of the preferred choices to improve the performance of your old Windows PC. The automatic maintenance feature of this Window utility will clean the junk files automatically, and also it automatically fixes all ongoing issues.

Free Download – AVG TuneUp


5. Total PC Cleaner

7 Free Junk Files Cleaners For Windows_Total PC Cleaner

The easy to use interface of Total PC Cleaner let you clean the junk files efficiently. With a few clicks, you can clear various unwanted files like system, application and mail cache, downloads, large and duplicate files.

It can be downloaded from Microsoft Store for free.

Free Download – Total PC Cleaner


6. Clean Master

7 Free Junk Files Cleaners For Windows_Clean Master

Clean Master allows you to clear the junk files with one click completely. It offers an anti-tracking feature to get rid of privacy-related issues. All those unwanted startup programs that slow down your pc can be easily removed using Clean Master.

The free version of Clean Master offers you junk clean and PC boost features. However, if you want to access premium features, then you need to pay $29.90.

Free Download – Clean Master


7. Wise Disk Cleaner

7 Free Junk Files Cleaners For Windows_Wise Disk Cleaner

Wise Disk Cleaner is capable of cleans up unwanted files to speed up your pc. If you’re worried about privacy, then you will be glad to acknowledge that you can clear your internet traces using Wise Disk Cleaner.

It also offers you to schedule a disk cleaning process at a particular time. Wise Disk Cleaner is entirely free to use junk file cleaner for Windows operating system and consumes low system resources.

Free Download – Wise Disk Cleaner


Final Take

This article recommends the best junk files cleaner for Windows. As per my knowledge above mentioned, the software is best for junk file cleanup. However, if you have any other software in your mind that can also be used to clean junk files, then let us know using the comment section. If you found this post useful, then consider sharing it with your loved one.