If you get confused about the last conversation you had with your colleague or client on call, then it’s time to try best call recording apps for Android. These apps offer you easy call recording option to track all your incoming & outgoing calls. You can also use these tools to manage or share your call records for effective user experience. Let’s discuss some of these apps here.


1. Cube Call Recorder ACR

7 Amazing Apps for Call Recording in Android Phone_Cube Call Recorder ACR Download

Cube Call recorder offers crystal clear sound quality with advanced call recording options. You can use this tool to record every call automatically. It even allows you to select calls to record. Using its exclusion list option, you can exclude certain contacts from recording. Its manual recording option allows you to record calls manually in between the call. You can use its in-app playback option to listen to calls within the app. Its smart speaker switching is a useful feature that enables switching from the loudspeaker to ear speaker once you bring the phone close to your ears. In other features, it offers cloud backup, PIN lock, multiple audio formats, save to SD card, shake-to-mark, smart storage management, stealth mode, post-call actions, starred recording and more.

Download Link – Cube Call Recorder ACR


2. Call Recorder Automatic

7 Amazing Apps for Call Recording in Android Phone_Call Recorder Automatic Call Recording 2 Ways Download

This is one of the best call recording apps for Android that also works as a voice recorder app. It helps you record both incoming & outgoing calls, record conversation between the call, manage & share the call records when needed. To use this app, you don’t require an Internet connection as it allows you to record calls effortlessly. It displays you a notification when the call recording is started. Furthermore, it allows you to sort the call recordings by time and name. It offers unlimited call recordings automatically. It offers easy call recording, management and sharing options.

Download Link – Call Recorder Automatic


3. Automatic Call Recorder

7 Best Apps for Call Recording in Android Phone_Automatic Call Recorder Download

Automatic Call Recorder gives you the freedom to choose which calls you to want to record or ignore. You can listen to these call records within the app, manage these call records, add notes to them or share them with family & friends. It offers seamless integration with Google Drive & Dropbox for enhanced user experience. It stores all call recordings in the inbox. You can set the size of the inbox as per device storage limits. It offers 3 default record settings including record everything, ignore everything and ignore contacts. It even allows you to store call records from specific numbers automatically to cloud servers.

Download Link – Automatic Call Recorder


4. All Call Recorder Automatic

7 Best Apps for Call Recording in Android Phone All Call Recorder Automatic Download

Try this must-have utility for your Android device to keep track of all call records automatically. It helps you record individual call records or conversation in a group. It helps you create a library of all conversations for easy access. It stores these call records in list and calendar format so that you can retrieve them when needed. It works on a simple & intuitive user interface and offers abundant useful features. You can also share these call records whenever you want.

Download Link – All Call Recorder Automatic


5. Phone Call Recorder

7 Best Apps for Call Recording in Android Phone_Phone Call Recorder Download

Use Phone Call recorder to record both incoming and outgoing calls automatically. It allows you to block unwanted calls for better security and helps you add important calls to favorites. It keeps you call records secured so that no one can listen to them. It supports multiple file types & formats to offer extended user experience. You can use this tool to share recorded calls with anyone you want and add call records to your phone contact list.

Download Link – Phone Call Recorder


6. Smart Auto Call Recorder

7 Best Apps for Call Recording in Android Phone_Smart Auto Call Recorder Download

As the name suggests, this powerful tool helps you record all incoming & outgoing calls automatically. This smart solution offers abundant useful features to keep your recordings safe. It supports all major file formats and allows you to sync recording files for easy access. Using this tool, you can play recorded calls within the app, rename them, delete them or send them to anyone you want. You can use this powerful tool for effective results.

Download Link – Phone Call Recorder


7. Advance Automatic Call Recorder

7 Best Apps for Call Recording in Android Phone Advance Automatic Call Recorder Download

Use this smart call recording solution to record or trim call records whenever you want. It allows you to record all calls or selected calls as per your requirement. You can even exclude contacts for which you don’t want to record calls. It offers built-n PIN protection to keep your call records safe. It offers manual audio source choosing facility for VOIP calls. It even allows you to add favorite contacts for recording.

Download Link – Advance Automatic Call Recorder



So, these are few best call recording apps, you can use to record all your incoming & outgoing calls in a secured manner. If you know more such call recording apps for Android, then feel free to comment below.