In the era of technology, the world is revolving around the electrical equipment’s. The users may find a plethora of electronics devices around them, but most of them are operated manually. Besides, the percentage of self-operating or remotely-operating devices is more. There exists a prime reason, that is, remotely-operating devices are using internet of things as their base. A lot of tasks have been made hassle free and can be completed within a short span of time. There are many more features for which IoT has gained a huge popularity. Here, we have discussed a few of those reasons.

One of the domains that is gaining a huge advantage from IoT is the business. The devices involved aids in establishing a communication between different departments or locations. However, the internet is involved in the entire process, thus the sharing of images and voice messages is also possible. The transfer rate of documents is high, thus, it becomes easy for different organizations to make instant deals. Due to all such lucrative features of IoT; a plethora of industries including oil and gas, infrastructure, healthcare, insurance, retail, insurance and supply chain has adopted IoT devices for their business growth.

In addition to various benefits in businesses, there are many more benefits. Another reason is that the connection established by various devices is wireless. This factor is not only responsible for setting up an easy network, but ultimately it also reduce the overall cost of the company. Wireless network is also responsible for faster network and enhancement in the process efficiency. This way, it offers the organizations to explore a new path to generate revenue for further business.

Now, when it comes to transport and automation industry; IoT boost customer experience and also develops a safety for a business in various aspects. Moreover, the technology also has the capability of tracking the customer behavior by using data of mobile device usage and social media. Thus, Cost reduction, high productivity and wide connectivity are some of the primary reasons which are adding spark in the growth and popularity of internet of things.

No matter, whatever is the business, it could be shipping, inventory control, security or tracking; IoT has proven to be beneficial in various aspects for businesses. Additionally, web based SCADA system has also gained high efficiency. Since, it follows the concept of M2M, therefore, it intimates the operator about the about the possible faults and the current status of the machines. In case, if there any technical issue occurs, the operator can fix the device without actually visiting it.

When it comes to business promotion, the IoT technology helps alot. As an instance, let us consider a retail industry; here IoT is used to promote business using mobile. It can help the organization to keep a track on shopping interest and history of regular customers. This tracking could be done using the location of the both the customers; who have made the online order and visited the store for physical shopping.