The world has reached to a level where everything is getting controlled by internet. Precisely, it can be said that all electronic equipment which are driving the daily activities for us is running on the concept of Internet of Things. Wi-Fi is one of them that helps in establishing the connection between devices by providing internet connectivity.

Establishing an internet connectivity between devices is not a daunting task these days, but its security is a matter of concern. So, it is important to understand the basics of Wi-Fi as a hotspot and the types of internet connectivity it offers. Here, we have discussed a brief about Wi-Fi and explained the types of accessibility offered by it.


An overview to Wi-Fi Hotspot:

A Wi-Fi hotspot is a source that offers internet accessibility to the devices connected wireless. The signals are broadcasted up to a certain range within the devices that owns Wi-Fi feature within it for accessing internet. There are certain terms related to the entire system such as Wi-Fi router and Wi-Fi Access Point. Also, there are various types of accessibility that depends upon the security. Thus, some of the hotspots offer open network connectivity and some offer password protected connectivity.


  • Wi-Fi with Open Router:


Most of the people purchase domestic Wi-Fi these days, so that they can share internet plans as a group. Such Wi-Fi have a limited range such that neighbors unable to access it. This is why, they do not add password to it, which can be deemed as open Wi-Fi hotspot. There are many more public Wi-Fi these days that offer free internet access to the people, but such hotspots do not own any security.


  • Wi-Fi with encrypted router:

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When it comes to secured or password authenticated Wi-Fi, there are two types of security, including WEP and WPA. Among two of them, WPA is the latest one and the secured one. The common thing between two of these is that they own a key to access to internet. Usually, most of the people keep a password protection within their Wi-Fi device, so that hacking can be avoided. This is because hackers are getting more in number who are getting an expertise over cracking the security.

The bottom line is, Wi-Fi is a great device that is offering people to share their internet through a common plan and source. The users can create their own hotspot whether encrypted or unencrypted depending on their security preferences.