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A complete tutorial on HTML Colors

HTML rgb color code

HTML Colors Let it be any display; computer or TV – All colors appears with the combination of Red, Blue and Green light. When it comes to HTML and CSS, all colors have different...


A tutorial on HTML Comments

HTML Code always use comments for detailed explanation used as reference for the programmer. Comment tags include open tag “<!—” and closed tag “—>” are used to insert the code within the HTML code....


A tutorial on HTML Computer Code Elements

HTML usually employs variable letter spacing and size. However, this is not required for displaying the examples of computer code. <samp, <kbd> and <code> gives support to fixed letter spacing and size. HTML Keyboard...


Understanding HTML Quotations and Citation Elements

HTML Short Quotations <q> element is used for defining the short quotations. Browsers insert quotation marks, when <q> element is mentioned. Syntax <p> Welcome to <q>Technology Diving</q> </p> HTML Long Quotations <blockquote> element is...