Edge computing and utility value of IoT leverages a lot of perks to the users. Also, it is obvious that they can push the technology to acquire ultimate progression which will offer affordable and accessible platform. A few loopholes, that is, governance, security, data leverage and economic considerations of the system can also be fixed and a error free systems can be produced. Here, we have listed a few more factors that are reflecting, how IoT system will gain progression.


  • Closed Loop

IoT system works in a closed loop, this means that associated subsystems used in Gap stores will not be accessed in isolation, instead in the context of other silos. It will also incorporate some of the operational systems like Point-of-Sale, scheduling, inventory, etc. along with external data like public street IoT data, demographic data, weather data, etc. However, all such data can be enriched, cleansed and shared with consumer applications and analytic workbench comprised of investigative, operational, machine learning and predictive analytics.


  • Thorough Analysis of Servicing Multiple Constituencies

This can also help out. Once the sensor receives the data, there will be a numerous of constituencies that will try to capture that data in either form, that is, enriched or atomic form. This might range from corporate or regional offices to capital equipment providers and trading partners, regulatory agencies and sometimes more. The key element of this process will be an analysis over the utility value of stored data which can be used particularly for the benefit of its constituent. The store is usually comprised of one view, while regional offices have a few others.

What Are The Factors Involved In The Progression of IoT_Internet Of Things_Governance__A Critical Aspect_Edge Computing

Similarly, the corporate will have another view and so will be the regulatory oversight, capital equipment provider, supply chain partner and the compliance office. It is noteworthy that a single message can be accessed by multiple parties for varied reasons.


  • Role of Edge Processing

Edge processing is usually referred as first receivers, but actually these are the point of ingestion. Also, it involves the initial processing of varied IoT enabled endpoints where activities like initial processing, altering, filtering & triggering and computational work are accomplished.


  • Governance – A Critical Aspect

Since, different constituencies will be requiring enriched or atomic data in various modes for multiple reasons, thus, it is very important to consider its governance in aspect of the data security. Thus, it is crucial to analyze who owns the date and who is handling it? How much data can be accessed, by whom and by whose permission? What is the security level?

What Are The Factors Involved In The Progression of IoT_Internet Of Things_Analysis of Servicing Multiple Constituencies

The last questions stated is the most important one as here, is the security which is the main concern among all. For some users, security might be a small concern, but governance is the major factor that can affect the overall security of a system. In addition to this, awareness of the power of underlying data is directly proportional to the demand of consumption of data. Thus, the governance considerations will become a matter of concern.


  • Emergence of Opportunities And Associated Applications

Analyzing both these elements will be a sophisticated analytic workbench. It can act as a fresh restaurant chain operational application for optimization. Also, it will serve a holistic alerting and healthcare monitoring system that will include webRTC interfaces for healthcare professionals and can be accessed by Telehealth services.



The Verdict

The bottom line is, analyzing the pros and cons of the existing technology can help in bringing out the solutions to overcome the loopholes of the system. Analyzing the drawbacks can also aid in acquiring affordable and accessible solutions. This can become possible and facile, if there will be an exponential increase of IoT data across the systems. A lot of benefits and solutions can be availed which will be cost effective.