In the era of fast pace moving world, the technology is attaining a new height each day. No matter, it is manufacturing, utilities, retail or myriad industry; all of them are gaining productivity at a high rate. It might sound a bit surprising, but it is a true fact that agriculture industry is also gaining a lot of benefit. Farmers are getting exposure to IoT systems and devices, resulting of which they are getting a huge success. In addition to high productivity, there are many more reasons for which farmers are gaining the popularity.


● Instant Analysis

Application of pre-existing metrics of precision agriculture is quite facile, thus it is easy to expand benefits of established practices. Thus, it gets easy for a farmer to distinguish the type of crop, how much water is required and so on. They can also realize, how safely and naturally pests should be released. Ultimately, this also help in finding out the best way to reduce cost.


● Ease of Accessibility

Sensors can be placed within the cultivated field so that crucial actionable data can be acquired. This can help the farmers to track the status of their crop and field status. Also, such sensors do not require time to time upgradation or modification in their software systems.


● Constant Efficiency

It is a fact that agricultural industries continue to follow same practices so as to avail data for analysis. The sensors or the operating systems keep giving the same data throughout till they are employed.

Earlier, large scale commercial farms were following to employ IoT technology, but now due to ultimate perks small scale farms have also started using the IoT devices and services. With the growing rate of awareness among farmers, it has been expected that in the upcoming years, the small scale food producers will compete the large scale commercial food producers.