We live in a highly connected era with literally thousands of connected devices with quick access to things we need. Yes, right from ordering that pizza to checking your bank details, everything can be done with just a few swipes on your smartphone. Interestingly, customers are much smarter and tech-savvy than ever. This is the reason marketing people ought to be innovative and breakthrough when it comes to putting across their messages to the audience. However, a few years ago before the digital revolution took over, marketing professionals across the world relied significantly on catch advertising taglines, television advertising, billboards, print media, etc. Whereas the digital revolution has compelled marketing experts to evolve with changing times and leverage technology to reach out the masses.

In fact, the current workstation and responsibilities of a marketer is a lot different from what it was a decade back. Yes, today’s marketing professionals play with statistics and numbers. Simply put, they work with digital data. The digital era has paved way for literally a sea of data that marketing professionals can leverage to come up with intelligent insights and strategic marketing campaigns. Yes, data is the new oil for marketers. This brings us to one of the most talked about tech word known as ‘big data’.

Let us learn about how big data is transforming the digital marketing landscape as we see it:


Big Data and Digital Marketing Are The New BFFs

Teaming up Big Data and Digital Marketing_1

Big data is turning out to be an integral part of every digital marketing strategy today. Big data is a pool of data that is analyzed to come up with strategic conclusion. In fact, it has greatly transformed the way a business evaluates its customers and their behaviors. Apart from helping to analyze past trends, big data analysis also helps to envision future behaviors of customers. Since predictive analytics is a hot-favorite thing in the business landscape, marketing is no exception.


What It Means For Digital Marketing?

  • Personalized Approach.

One of the greatest advantages of big data in digital marketing is that helps a business to curb its marketing expenses. Apart from the innate ability to engage a huge pool of audience, big data works great when it comes to creating personalized marketing campaigns. Yes, marketing professionals can leverage big data to identify showstoppers, recognize prominent customer behaviors/patterns, interests, etc. that will help engage the masses at individual level thus, taking personalized targeting to a whole new level.

For instance, most e-commerce websites out there utilize big data to gather information from quick registration forms to gain deeper insights into a customer’s shopping preferences, interests, behavior, etc. This allows them to come up with personalized and customized marketing approach for their customers. This is the reason social CRM solutions are increasingly turning out to be a must-have toolkit in their marketing arsenal. Yes, a social CRM software is of great use when it comes to tracking and analyzing the social footprints of your existing as well as future customers.


  • Competitive Marketing.

Teaming up Big Data and Digital Marketing_Competitive Marketing

Big data can be of great help to identify and track the success of past marketing campaigns. Since the digital marketing ecosystem has changed and evolved significantly in the past few years, the number of organizations embracing the change has witnessed a steep rise in the recent past.

Trillions of digital ads are served to the Internet users every year. So standing out is the crux here. Your ad ought to stand out to grab the user’s attention. Big data can help marketing professionals streamline their campaigns and target people, who in their all likelihood will respond to their message. This way big data is helping businesses to get the most out of their marketing investment and budget.


  • Data-Driven Marketing.

Teaming up Big DTeaming up Big Data and Digital Marketing_Data Driven Marketingata and Digital Marketing_Data Driven Marketing

Harnessing past data in a sharp and prudent manner could greatly help to plan for future. Big data helps marketing people devise data-driven approach. With all the actionable insights from customers through registration forms, feedbacks, etc., they could better plan their future marketing activities and campaigns. Now this is something that is quite important for a business that need to assess their offerings on a frequent basis and tweak them accordingly to provide satisfactory customer experience.

For instance, restaurants and hotels could leverage insights received from their customers’ order information for determining trends followed by coming up with special offers on meals that are less popular among them.


Visualization Is The Key

Teaming up Big Data and Digital Marketing_Visualization

The secret to unleashing the hidden potential of big data lies in data visualization, which triggers the need for arming your business with a next-gen data visualization tool, which is a social CRM software in the case of digital marketing. Yes, social CRM systems are proving out to be a boon to help marketers interpret and understand data in a much faster way than ever. CRM solutions deliver actionable insights such as customer behaviors/preferences, shopping peaks and lows, inventory, etc. Most importantly, big data analysis puts marketing people in a better position to respond to changing market demands.

So what’s your go to digital marketing strategy? Feel free to share it in the comments section below, we would love to hear!