We, you and everybody else is running behind the Salesforce.

Why? What is so peculiar about it? Why everybody is craving for it? Why it has been the most buzzing word among entrepreneurs or wannabe entrepreneurs?

Any guesses?

If you answer, “Business” for all the questions. You are absolutely right.

Myriad of challenges have become the roadblocks to the success for any business and Salesforce is the king that can conquer them all.

You must be also one of them who tear your hair to overcome the challenges, so as to win growth, revenue and clientele. Another undeniable fact is, you must have given your efforts at the fullest to attain Salesforce as a platform to expand your business. But you failed!

It’s absolutely fine, if you failed, because there are many more like you who failed. It is because you have not made a thorough research over identifying the challenges.

Yes!! That’s true!

How could you adopt Salesforce to solve an issue, when you do not know what are the issues?

So, here we are going to talk about top 10 business challenges that Salesforce can solve.

Top 10 Business Challenges:

  • Understanding Customer

What do you expect from a chef to cook for you when he/she doesn’t know your likes/dislikes? Same happens with the customer. How could you serve the satisfactory services, if you do not know or understand the requirement? So, it is important to understand your customer before you serve them.

Salesforce offers you a platform that can help you in this. Track your customer data easily and develop solutions accordingly. Tracking their interests and preferences, you can serve them satisfaction and win the trust.

  • New Partnership Prospects

Gone are the days, when direct selling was easy. Now, it has become a bit difficult and therefore, it has become important to expand and reach more territories for gaining more.

With Salesforce Communities, track channel team and associate partners to get better insights about the potential partners. Thus, with this platform, you can strengthen the relationships with vendors easily by a giving small push to the sales process.

  • Funnel Size

The larger will be the input, the larger will be the output. Same applies to the sales process.

The more will be the leads, the more will be the probability of generating high revenue. So, here the matter of concern is, how can I get maximum leads?

With Salesforce, plan, measure, manage and enhance leads generation and conversion rate. Track the entire lead process including how much your business deserve, how much the team is performing and who in your team can make it happen.

  • Team Work

It is nearly impossible to make the things run smoothly. A plethora of things must have come to your way of selling, even your co-workers. Well, it is not necessary that always people, process or technology will be the roadblocks, but it could also be outrageous responsibilities.

With Salesforce, you can easily manage processes, teams, and strategies is aspect of sales, customers and marketing. Although Salesforce won’t drive the entire flow smoothly, but it can help you with tools that could help you in managing the plans and processes.

  • Collaborating with Colleagues

Remember yourself new to the profession? How was the feeling when you was not aware of any work process, product and customer? It must be a difficult phase for you, when you had to talk to people to stock up all the information. You must have also faced the situations when you found yourself out of the loop due to lack of information.

Do not worry! We have a good news for you. Chatter; one of the SFDC products can assist you with getting the exposure to internal awareness and business issues. So, always stay updated with the information that can matter you the most.

  • Ruling the Marketplace

Haven’t you lost a plenty of money on winning the competition. Many times, you must have lost the ground as well as expenses also. Do not worry! It happens to a plethora of business people. The reason of loosing is lack of research on others’ strategies before stepping into the battle field.

Cheers! Salesforce can help you tracking the competition, potential leads, competitive intelligence and making the required plan.

  • Limited Accessibility

Stuck in the traffic jam and need to send an important detail for closing the deal. Unable to go office, but need to connect with client. This might have happened to you several times. Isn’t it? Yes. It could happen to anyone.

You must be wondering, in the era of mobile devices, every task can be made possible anywhere and anytime. So, why could not it happen in the business??

With Salesforce, access and manage critical information on your way or at your home, at midnight or early noon. The platform will let you never stop to catch up with your dreams.

  • Business Performance

How could you measure the performance when a criteria is not defined. Same applies to the business performance. You cannot measure the gain or loss when you have not defined the performance metrics.

Salesforce will let you measure precisely and regularly. The dashboard and reporting tools will serve you easy-to-use tools to make business analysis. Ultimately, you can amend the strategy, process and production to gain, what is required in your business.

  • Syncing Customer’s Information at One Place

Don’t you scratch you head, when it comes to maintaining the records of thousands of customers at one place. Either you can manage them by spending more resources or more time. But you can save them both and utilize the same for more productivity.

With Salesforce, quickly maintain and organize your contacts, information and accounts, so that you can have hands on the details whenever you want.

  • Amalgamating the Pipeline

What gives insights to the companies when it is about the future sales? It’s none other than pipelines. Due to lack of resources and appropriate technology, some companies invest hours or even days to generate reports. All around, you can see just spreadsheets.

How about Cloud Computing? Yes, you can make this daunting task, a piece of cake with Salesforce. You won’t only reduce, but also eliminate all the hassles for making report. Just tap a button and generate updated pipeline reports.

The Story Does Not Ends Here

Yes!! This is not the end of the list of business challenges. Instead there are many more that you might have either experienced or explored from other resources. So, Salesforce will be the king that can let you defeating all the challenges and win the marketplace.