Before getting started with Salesforce, let us ask you something?

Are you completely new to Salesforce or earlier took a dive into the pool of Salesforce? No?

No Worries! For the Salesforce beginners, we have already talked about What is Salesforce, and today we will be talking a bit in-depth about the platform.

So, data categories, article categorization and knowledge based security would be the best to give a kick start.

Perplexed with these terminologies?

Let us simplify them for you.

Data Categories – What Is It?

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Administrator-controlled, data categories are the sorted layout used primarily for two purposes; to explore a way to secure and organize the knowledge-base content.

If you are one of those who gave a try to model the data categories, but failed, so it’s time when you need to ask yourself a set of questions.

  • Who will be leveraged by knowledge-base and in what context?

  • How the results could be filtered by the user via data categories?

  • Shall I make the article distribution among a specific group of users?

Article Categorization – What Does It Do?

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Be it any level of hierarchy, articles can be associated to either one or multiple or none of the categories.

If you find an article irrelevant to the category, it means, it is definitely not related to the category group.

Also, mark the fact that, if an article is listed under an irrelevant category, while searching, it couldn’t appear under it’s relevant category.

Knowledge-Base Security – How It Works?

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Defining the role level in context of accessibility, articles can be made secured customizing the settings of data categories. Altering these settings restrict the accessibility of the sub data-category group or sometimes entire data category group.

Let us elaborate for you in a simplified manner. Assume you own an online portal with innumerable products. And, here you want to hide visibility of some of the products and want to share its accessibility with only paid users.

In such case, you can mark those set of products under category ‘Paid Customers’. Resulting of this, non-payee customers would not able to see the products for which visibility is kept hidden.

This is, where, you have implemented knowledge-base security to your system.