Maintaining a healthy lifestyle has become very crucial for every individual. The only reason behind all is the lifestyle of people that include sitting at a one place for long hours. Not only the physicians and doctors can help in scheduling a healthy routine, but the technology has also helped. Internet of Things (IoT) is the key using which innovation of excellent devices became possible. Using such devices people can now diagnose the health status, calorie count, heart beat rate and other vital parameters.


As per the analysis, IoT has leveraged healthcare industry by introducing a numerous of devices including the wearable devices. Ultimately, the probability of occurrence of human errors has been reduced and also, the ultimate improvement in the growth of healthcare industry has been seen. There are many more leverages that have been bequeathed by IoT in the healthcare sector. Let’s have a quick glance over them:


  • It has become possible to track the physiological condition of the patient who cannot explain. Thus, an appropriate treatment can be provided.
  • Patient living overseas and not in the condition of travelling can update their health issue via IoT devices. Using this data, the doctor can advise a viable treatment and medicines.
  • Medical history of the patient can be easily executed. Thus, a patient can avail a quick treatment, if required.
  • Treatment report can be tracked easily from any location. Using which a doctor can make changes in the medicine prescription or treatment process.
  • Wearable devices like calorie band, pulse count meter, optical sensor and fitness tracker can help the user to maintain a healthy routine. They can also consult the doctor, if the device warns them about any health issue.


The bottom line is, Internet of Things (IoT) has not only shown the commendable outcomes in various industries, but it has also leveraged the healthcare industry such that a lot of improvements in the growth of healthcare industry have been seen in the past few years.