Google Adsense ads! You can see them floating all over the websites you visit. That’s because, digital marketing has become one of the prominent ways to attain maximum popularity.

But, why Google Adsense Ads are creating the maximum buzz over other advertising platforms. It’s because both, websites hosting Google Adsense Ads and advertisers are making money. But still there are many newbies who have no idea of Google Adsense platform. So, those who are willing to opt for Google Adsense or want to explore this platform, let us start with explaining ‘What is Google Adsense?’.


Google Adsense – What Is It?

Google Adsense connects advertiser to its hosting platform. It works with both interfaces; desktop (websites) and mobile (apps). The websites/apps host ads, clicking on which lets them earn money. However, each ad click cost may vary depending upon the cost of the ad.

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Now, if you are wondering how Google adsense works – It is entirely associated with the Google Adword tool. And, if you are not aware of Google Adword tool – It lets advertisers to publish their ads at the top of Google search results or on a website or app. You can easily distinguish them from organic results as they are marked with ‘Ad’ within a box.

In short, Google Adsense uses space of the website to run the ads of the advertisers.


Google Adsense – How Does It Work?

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1 – Getting Started.

Setting up Google Adsense account is not a daunting task. All you need is a website or a mobile app.

 2 – Signing Up.

It is free to sign up for a Google Adsense account. Once you get registered with Google Adsense account, request for a code.

Note that, you get the code only if by Google Adsense team approve website or app for running ads. Once you receive a code, place it within the header of the website or wherever you want to see.

3 – Optimizing Ads.

Your website/app will start showing up ads after few hours of adding the code. And, you get authority to optimize them. Initially, ads will appear on the basis of keywords used on the website or web page.

If you are okay with the ads, you can continue with the default settings and if you don’t find ads inappropriate, optimize their placement as well as their visibility on the basis of their relevancy.

4 – Tracking Performance.

Keeping track on views, impressions, Page RPM (Rate Per Impression), CPC (Cost Per Click), CTR (Click Through Rate), etc. will let you know the performance of your website.

These metrics can be tracked daily, weekly and even monthly. However, they vary each time on the basis of your activities for the website/app.

5 – Tracking Location Of Traffic.

Google Adsense allows tracking the country of your visitors. You will not only get to know the country from which you are getting traffic, but also the number of views, clicks, earnings and impressions from different countries.

6 – Getting Payments.

Google Adsense does not send instant payments after each click or whenever you want to withdraw. Instead, you can withdraw them only if you have at least $100 in your balance account.

However, you can keep track of your balance within ‘Balance’ section. The earnings will are varied depending upon the basis of traffic. But, the good news is, you can boost earnings following the tips listed below.


Google Adsense – How To Make More Money?

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  • Correct Ad Display.

No doubt, ads appear throughout the website on each page. And, here comes the tricky part – placement of ad. This is why, you should always emphasize on its placement.

Header, within the content and at the end of the content are a few places that can bring a significant clicks and impressions.

  • Immense Volume Of Traffic.

When you are all set with ad placement, the very next thing to consider is the amount of traffic. The more will be the audience, the more will be the impressions and click rate and hence, the more earnings. Wait, it’s that not easy. You also need to take care of the type of traffic. How? Let’s see in our next point.

  • Right Type Of Traffic.

Driving immense traffic is easy and you can do that with spamming activities. Such activities can bring the traffic, but it will bounce back the visitors as they will find the site irrelevant. And, hence, you will get high bounce rate.

While bringing genuine traffic with organic results is much fruitful. And, this can be done by adding quality content and performing authentic SEO activities. However, you can also use paid methods or social media for driving the traffic, but again we suggest you minding the relevancy of traffic with the website/app.

  • High Quality Website/App.

Yes! Quality matters a lot to bring the more and more traffic. It’s true that organic results is one factor to drive the traffic, but high quality content on website is another factor to bring the large audience.

In order to improve the quality of website, you can add trending topics, great design and excellent user-interface.

  • Homework On Analytics.

This is one of the utmost important factors which is usually ignored. It is very important to track the location, device used and posts.

Tracking the location lets you choose keywords that are mostly searched in certain location. While analyzing the posts with maximum views will let you decide the niches you should work on.


Google Adsense – Keys To Remember

Review_What Is Google Adsense_How To Sign Up And Make Earnings_Key Points

  • Google Adsense has certain terms and conditions for its users, violating which can ban your account after which you cannot withdraw pending payments.
  • The very basic don’t of Google Adsense rule is – Do not play smart by clicking ads on your own. Google plays much smarter by tracking activities and banning the account. However, there are some tips that can help you earn more money without bluffing.
  • If you own a e-commerce or a portal, avoid hosting ads, as they can distract users or sometimes irritate the user. This will ultimately increase the bounce rate. However, you can optimize ad placement, so they appear at appropriate place without becoming arrears for the user.


Google Adsense – Highlights

  • Easy to get started and use
  • Great for monetization
  • Available for web and app view
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free app download
  • Good customer support

Download Links for App: iOS | Android | Windows