Relationship between IoT and healthcare industry has always been a popular one, but with every good thing comes the bad. A few similar challenges have been seen within the blend of healthcare industry and IoT. Here, we have discussed a few of them.

  • Consistency

Consistency is one of the crucial things that can’t be ignored when it comes to health industry. No matter, even if it is IoT, still there are many communication protocols and standards that should be considered for wearables and health care devices. If these standards are ignored, then definitely they can create an issue. However, the matter of fact is that healthcare industries are following IoT devices at a high extent, but some of them are still ignoring the consistency and propriety.

  • Device Hesitation

IoT devices are one of the technology that it can acquire. However, currently the existing number of such IoT devices is also good. In case, any of these devices create a confusion or hesitation for tracking the data of handling patient’s data; there might be some breaches that might take place. It has been also seen that some of the healthcare industries are struggling to manage their data using IoT devices. All that is required for a healthcare industry is to get trained for BYOD healthcare culture, security measures and substantial data handling training.

  • Security Issues

At many conferences and events, security has always been a great topic of discussion among healthcare professionals. The fact behind such issue is that when a number of equipment or devices gets connected simultaneously, there occurs the possibility that a hacker may crack the security. Since, health care data system is comprised of sensitive patient’s details and other financial information, thus it is very important for an industry to consider cyber-attack as a serious issue.

The bottom line is, healthcare industries might be getting a good growth in their productivity, but it is equally important for them to consider the security of their IoT system as an utmost priority.