HTML Styling Using CSS – A tutorial

HTML style using CSS

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and in simple terms, it can be defined as the way to give style and colors to your content or webpage. Using CSS, you can play with the...


A complete tutorial on HTML Colors

HTML rgb color code

HTML Colors Let it be any display; computer or TV – All colors appears with the combination of Red, Blue and Green light. When it comes to HTML and CSS, all colors have different...


A tutorial on HTML Comments

HTML Code always use comments for detailed explanation used as reference for the programmer. Comment tags include open tag “<!—” and closed tag “—>” are used to insert the code within the HTML code....


A tutorial on HTML Computer Code Elements

HTML usually employs variable letter spacing and size. However, this is not required for displaying the examples of computer code. <samp, <kbd> and <code> gives support to fixed letter spacing and size. HTML Keyboard...


Understanding HTML Quotations and Citation Elements

HTML Short Quotations <q> element is used for defining the short quotations. Browsers insert quotation marks, when <q> element is mentioned. Syntax <p> Welcome to <q>Technology Diving</q> </p> HTML Long Quotations <blockquote> element is...


Components of HTML Headings and Paragraphs

Ever imagined a human body with its body parts located differently? It won’t look good at all; instead it will look weird or horrible. Similarly, a beautiful web content is worth reading only, if...