Sharing or exchanging of data has become very usual these days for which Internet of Things technology is responsible. People usually get involved using the wireless technologies like bluetooth, Wi-Fi, sensor or NFC for transferring their data. At the same time, it is also obvious to say that people take their data security for granted resulting of which cyber crimes or hacking can easily take place.


Generally, various peripheral devices like smartphone, desktop, laptop and other similar devices are involved in IoT technology. Once these get hacked due to various reasons, a lot of issues may evolve. Since, manufacturers do not consider any safety or security policy, thus, it is important for the user to apply a password protection. Here, we have listed a few tips for the users that can help them to use their IoT device safely.


Tips for IoT Device Users

  • The very basic step after buying a smart IoT device is to check the company‚Äôs security policy and its usability thoroughly. In case, the user does not get cleared about the feature or security policy, manufacturer or retailer must be contacted.
  • No matter, your device is old or new, it must be password protected. Do not ignore adding password to the device. Once, you have grabbed the device, add the password instantly. In case, the device is already password protected, change or update it. Also, do not forget changing the password from time to time. Also, remember that your password must be strong and unique. After all, hackers are the masters in cracking the passwords, if kept easy.
  • Keep your software updated on the regular intervals. If you get any update notification or alert, update it rather than ignoring or cancelling it. The reason being, the updated version might contain a strong security seal.
  • Always be alert while using the internet. Just do not get blind while using the free Wi-Fi. It may lead to hacking as free public Wi-Fi does not contain any hotspot shield for encrypting the data.
  • Do not click on attractive ads or links. They usually contains inside e-mails which can track all the important data.


In short, it can be concluded that IoT technology is expanding day by day. This is eventually leveraging all of us in some or the other way, but data security is the primary concern. So, always follow tips that can help in overcoming security threats.