Untie the bag of WordPress plugins and explore the sparkling collection of plugins which is not only leveraging the experts as well as they are leveraging users as well. If, you have ever heard of Jetpack, then no need to wonder that it is one of the popular plugins introduced by the folks over Automatic. Over the past few years, this plugin has attained the tremendous position adding the loads of sterling features and somehow it managed the WordPress site and turned its handling highly facile.

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As per the latest update – Omnisearch has been introduced; Jetpack 2.3 which is the blended search engine of WordPress. This will automatically search the content of the website and it also owns the capability of adding more and more search engines by employing the filters.

Here, we have rolled down a few striking features of Jetpack that you would love to use for your website.

Installing and Handling:

There is a plethora of reasons of using WordPress. Most of the people use it because they love to transform their ideas by writing. So, in order to minimize the time for writing the posts, one can simply manage the back-end aspects of the blog using this plugin. Installing Jetpack is not a daunting task and once done, you can explore its plethora of perks.

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In order to install it; simply visit Plugins followed by Add New and input “jetpack” to the search box. Tap “Install Now” and then you are ready to proceed. Once, your plugin is activated, it will automatically create your own dashboard, navigation bar as well as menu section.

Tiled Layouts:

Image 3Hold on!! If you are a regular blogger who always love to think about the content of the website, then this plugin will definitely work for you as the social media Swiss Army Knife. Just establish the connection via Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or LinkedIn. Tap the Publish button, the post will be automatically visible on all your social media profiles. The connection options are also integrated within the Settings and Sharing category.

Subscriptions and Commenting:

Very often, WordPress users find themselves in the search for plugins so as to boost up the comments so that it can become easy for the visitors to subscribe their posts and entire blog as well. Jetpack is the one stop point where you can get all the solutions. Activating the JetPack subscription and commenting features, the commenter’s will automatically end up seeing the entire website. Initially, only 2-3 plugins are required to achieve this desired goal. The user just need to hit the couple of dashboard pages and tapping the “configure” button will redirect you there.

Mobile Themes:

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Worried? You mobile theme is not responsive? No need to worry with this theme as you can explore the couple of amazing themes which are not exactly the theme responsive. In case, you are not willing to shed out the 40 bucks for a customized themes, simply explore the Mobile Theme module of JetPack. If, your website is loaded with the plethora of mobile device, this plugin will simply overwrite, no matter whatever is the theme and it will simply employ the blue theme mobile. This will automatically focus the readability and will astonishingly minimize the design.

Grammar and Spelling:

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Bag the huge benefit and this is not the one which is expected to track. This feature is driven by After the Deadline as it will give you the platform using which WordPress will blast up the power to aid the avoiding of embarrassing grammar as well as spelling mistakes. Once, you are done with the posts, tap the hit button to get the complete review of your post. You can also toggle the different options for which spell and grammar check option will focus. This is a very minute feature and each of the user can employ the additional layer for proof-reading the support before their hit the Publish button.

Sharing Buttons:

However, this plugin is another name for Swiss Army Knife that have been discussed earlier, but it also deserves a special name just because of the reason that it sheer the number of sharing channels. Organizing and enabling/disabling the sequence of this plugin is a cakewalk. Thanks to the drag and drop nature of this module. However, you have some more options including displaying the text/icon and others as well.