Social networking! Connecting people, connecting world. Amazing! But what’s actually amazing when you are living in the digital era.

Well! It’s none other than the fact that we are getting connected to thousands and millions across the world in a single tap sitting at one place.

What else you are expecting out of the technology and advancements when you can chat, exchange pictures, videos, showcase talent, make business deals and much more.

Above all, it leveraged small scales, startups and freelancers to become entrepreneurs. If you are among those who spent well on your smartphone, but earning nothing out of it, you are not doing justification with your smart device, especially if it is a iPhone. You need not to be very upset about this, because here we are going to help you getting up to a few amazing social networking apps which can let you connect, earn, gain reputation and much more.


Get Social With iPhone Applications

  • Facebook

Why not start with the one app that is ruling all other apps. Launched in 2014, the launch of Facebook Messenger has been one of the smartest move of all. In a few years, it gained approximately 700 million users across the globe. If you are not aware, let us tell you, it is doing much more than sending a text message. It allows to send money, make phone calls, send stickers, animated GIFs and video calling.

iPhone Apps - Get Connected, Share And Socialize With Millions_Facebook

The list does not end here. Users are going live on Facebook sharing their experiences, promoting business and performances. It’s time when you should also become the part of other million users and experience its upcoming features. Who knows, one day you order shoes with voice assistance from your bathroom.

Price: Free

Download Link for Facebook


  • Pinterest

Did you find your inspiration? If no, is it because you did not find any assistance? Bingo! Another amazing iPhone app can help you doing that. Pinterest is a tool that allows visual bookmarking, discover and pin creativity. Users can pin the shared images and share them from their boards. You can follow other users on the basis of your interest. See, it is well justifying its name Pinterest (Pin Your Interest).

iPhone Apps - Get Connected, Share And Socialize With Millions_Pinterest

Another interesting fact about Pinterest is, it has 100 million monthly users. What are you waiting for, become a part of those 100 million.

Price: Free

Download Link for Pinterest


  • Twitter

iPhone Apps - Get Connected, Share And Socialize With Millions_Twitter

Twitter has always been the amazing platform when it is about breaking the news across the globe. From GIFs to comments, Twitter is enabling users to share their views, trending news and analysis. If you are a start-up or want to make the buzz about your research, just make a Tweet and your followers will spread it with the world.

Price: Free

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  • Viddy

iPhone Apps - Get Connected, Share And Socialize With Millions_Viddy

No doubt, videos are getting more popular against articles. The reason being, in the fast pace moving life, people prefer watching videos against reading detailed content to learn, update with news, entertainment and much more. If you are also one of them who can share the talent or your latest business update with the world, it’s time when you can start right now and get a fame in just 15 seconds (upload time). You can also add music, visual effects and other transitions using your iPhone.

Price: Free

Download Link for Viddy


  • GroupMe

iPhone Apps - Get Connected, Share And Socialize With Millions_GroupMe

GroupMe brings friends, colleagues, team mates, project mates and other important groups at one destination. It allows you to share the message facilely with number of people in your group. With in-built GIFs, advanced notification controls and high security, it is connecting people on cross-platform i.e., Android, iPhone, Blackberry and others.

Price: Free

Download Link for GroupMe


  • LinkedIn

iPhone Apps - Get Connected, Share And Socialize With Millions_LinkedIn

No other platform could be better than LinkedIn, if you are looking forward to connect with other professionals within the region or across the globe. The app allows to sync phone’s calendar assisting user to get through with upcoming meetings. From recommending jobs to sharing company’s information, LinkedIn leveraged over 300 million worldwide users.

Price: Free

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  • Tumblr

iPhone Apps - Get Connected, Share And Socialize With Millions_Tumblr

If you are a creative writer or blogger, what else can help you reaching the audience simply in a single tap. Tumblr brings the platform that lets share blogs, updates, texts, photos, audios and videos. Moreover, you can follow other blogs, if you prefer reading rather than writing. This app helps managing blog seamlessly while letting you know the interest of other users.

Price: Free

Download Link for Tumblr


iPhone is Giving Away A Lot More

These were the few apps that lets you connect, share and stay updated with the world anywhere and anytime. However, there are many more iOS apps that is offering outstanding benefits to their users. If you are bagging some spark of talent or you are an amazing creative head, why holding yourself from sharing with the world. All you need to get started with the above listed ones and browse many more on iTunes to share your ideas with the millions.