The technology has paved the world to the level where it has become entirely dependent on the electronic devices. The most compelling thing behind all the developments is the Internet of Things (IoT). It can be clearly seen that a few decades back, Internet of Things was not having any existence akin to smartphones. But now, every single device is operating on IoT technology.

Existence and popularity of IoT:

internet of things examples

In the year 1999, Kevin Ashton committed that internet based system allow the world to get connected and exchange data. Since then, the technology developed and evidences of IoT growth can be seen in the form of various smart devices including home appliances, smartphone, camera, automatic machines, car and many more things. As per an analysis, in 2003, the ratio of internet based devices to the people was 500 million to 6.3 billion respectively. This will give a value of 0.8 approx. device per person. By the year 2010, the ratio boosted to 12.5 billion to 6.8 billion which will give the value of 1.84 device per person. In the year 2015, this value has again increased.


A few examples of day-to-day used IoT based devices:

It is a noteworthy fact that all electronic gadgets cannot be classified under the category of Internet of Things (IoT). Devices cannot be categorized under IoT until they have processors, sensors, cost-efficiency, internet connectivity, security and quality. However, a number of devices like toaster, fridge, washing machine and much more can be categorized under IoT devices.

It has been expected that the technology will be enhanced to turn household appliances like doors, bulbs, washing machines and many more into the IoT devices. Such innovations will not only give an ease in living style, but will also boost the productivity when it comes to innovation of commercial devices.