IoT has taken the world to an advanced level, where every single thing can be operated using wireless technology. This is an awesome and cost-efficient technology that clearly reflects that a lot can be expected as the outcome in future. Once it gets implemented to carry out an activity, it will give a lot more than boosting the productivity. No doubt, there are a huge number of advantages. Above all the things, there exists a comfort that gives a warm sense of getting connected with the home from a remote place. However, Internet of Things is completely based on safety that remains always integrated with associated apps.

On the flip side, there are many certain things that cannot be taken for granted. It is another well-known fact that the entire world is equipped and dependent on technology. But, another interesting fact is that approximately 30,0000 computers are hacked due to low security on the daily basis. Some of the companies have highlighted their privacy leakage issues that they faced. There are some of the tech legends as well who didn’t give up, but promised to introduce million of devices in the upcoming future. At the same time, a few more techies said that every single thing that is connected via internet have a risk of being hijacked.

Some of the nations came forward with the initiative of introducing the government surveillance agencies, so that they can monitor every single bit of hacking possibilities. Such agencies have put their efforts to minimize all security threats. With their threats, a hacker could not even hack a pacemaker. Nobody might have ever wondered that a fitness-tracking smartwatch used for tracking the heartbeat and steps can be hacked. A few reputed companies have made an analysis and confirmed that such devices can also be hacked. So, always make sure that you have used the password for the accessibility of such devices as well. Also, future IoT devices like baby monitors, smart TVs, routers, USB and toilets will also require password protection for accessing.

As per the ongoing trend, it has been predicted that the latest IoT devices will make a huge presence and will replace every single traditional electronic device. The users will also change their consuming habits and start following the latest trend. Above all the security issues, business IoT connections will make a boom and the number will reach to 5.4 billion in next 5 years. Also, the cost of such devices will reduce by at least 10% in the year 2025.

The most important thing to realize is that security of Internet of Things entirely depends upon the level of encryption done to the data for the transmission process. The guidelines should for the developers should be explained so that they can provide the utmost security at the development stage. There are many more things that should be considered by the manufacturers of smart TVs, LEDs, webcams and other units having display feature. The reason being, such devices have a high risk of phishing attacks. In case, all above mentioned security precautions will not be taken, we will be unable to reach the advanced level of IoT.