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Blogging has been a daunting task especially for the writers who are usually on their go at most of their time. Those who get irritated with this need not to worry anymore as there are many amendments that have been done such that bloggers can complete their blogging stuff even if they are on their way. With the advent in the technology, there is a plethora of apps that can be availed for the blogging. These apps are the most reliable one which can work swiftly on various operating systems including iPhone, Android and Windows as well. Those who own iOS devices can have a quick glance on this post and can try out some of these apps for blogging.

Blogging is awesome with iPhone apps:


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Being a blogger, you might have been blocked from getting many topics at various times. This might have irritated you as well. So, Byline is the one that will provide you the best topic suggestions even if you are offline. This app has been developed by Phantom Fish that allows the users to employ the Google Reader account so as to fetch the latest content including Atom feeds and RSS. It will cost you only $2.99 for both – iPod touch and iPhone and even $5.99 with ads. This app will allow you the best way to get connected and promote the blog among a few popular blogging platforms.


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If, your blog is not customized on WordPress, then better start using TypePad. The app is such that it will aid the user to accomplish the things casually by employing the computer. The user can easily make the new posts, picture posting and alerting the known ones with the intimation of publishing the new post. Do you know, what is great about this app? This app is such that it will integrate the smartphone with the desktop client as well.


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This is a useful app in order to keep the track of all the amazing pages and posts found online. Being a blogger, mostly you use your iPhone for surfing. You can also need this app even on the move in order to go through the contents even on the move.


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It is a well-known fact that visual content attracts most of the readers; just make sure that you add the attractive images on the articles so as to break the content into various parts. Employ this app in order to upload the pictures directly from the iPhone. You can also take the advantage of the integrated extensive library so as to grab the pictures easily using the phone and editing them before posting any blog. This app also features easy access to album, image URLs as well as media management. Additionally, there is also the uploading functionality and geo-tagging options also.


Image 7While on the go, it may be sometimes daunting to keep pace with arranging the files, notes and to-do list. Evernote serves the free of cost application that allows the user to organize the data and improve the productivity. This app will work amazingly on all the Android, iOS and Windows platform. Additionally, Evernote serves the easy to install desktop software so that phone can be easily synced with PC or desktop so as to continue with the blog draft. The user can also upgrade this app to the premium plan which also features the offline access to the entire online notebook. You can also PIN lock the Evernote app so as to allow other individuals and to edit the notebooks.


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Just because of the seamless feature of autoposting of this app; this can be employed on most of the platforms. This option can be used for integrating the variety of Twitter streams, blogs and ensuring the posts are redirecting on the online channels.