Marketing and sales are always proportional to each other, when it is about performance or execution. It is therefore, crucially important for marketing and sales persons not to work as two teams, but as a single team. And, of course, when we are talking about marketing in the era of digital marketing, we mean SEO.

Now, talking about the facts and figures, a data indicated that the SEO and sales team that works together perform better than that of teams working without coordination. Understanding this fact, some companies push both teams to work together and in contrast; there exists some companies, which still consider both the teams separately. Down the line, there are some companies which are striving hard to align sales and marketing teams to get utmost of their efforts and productivity.

To ease them with such struggle, we have a few tactics that works magnificently to bring SEO and sales team on the same platform.


1. Monthly Meetings/Concept Exchange Sessions

Shooting an unplanned campaign or paid ads is worthless, till they have any audience. And, who else than a sales team know their audience. This is why, it is immensely important to conduct monthly meetings to discuss and exchange the strategies, plans, campaigns, sponsored ads, performance metrics and related elements.

Conducting such sessions will not only assist team persons to revamp their ideas, but also let them identify gaps and loopholes, if any within a strategy. Ultimately, an aligned communication and result-oriented strategy will be attained. The best way would be establishing the communication channel like group messaging, so that SEO and sales professionals can discuss their plans and doubts instantly before execution.


2. Sales Data is The Key

Before delving into the pool of efforts of mapping the SEO strategy, the very first step that cannot be skipped is to list the approximate number of potential customers, target audience, investment and key issues for selling the service or product. All these stats will help SEO professionals to determine where and how to promote the service.

Once, all these parameters are defined, it becomes facile for sales and SEO team to fulfill the breaches of the customer and service provider. It is also essential to update the sales data regularly in order to upgrade the SEO strategy and regulate the workflow.


3. Mapping Strategy With Analysis

Well illustrated above that SEO and sales performances go hand in hand. Without bringing both of them on a single platform, it is nearly impossible to reach the goal. But, what is the baseline to start? It is none other than making the research before any strategy mapping or executing. With research, we mean keyword analysis; after all it is about digital marketing.

Identifying the keywords is necessary, so as to understand the customer’s interest. Considering their area of interest will give the sure shot solution to attain the desired goal. This practice will also assist the sales team to reach customers discussing about their pain points. And, ultimately it will be a win-win for a huge customer base.


4. Creating and Optimizing Marketing Assets

There are several businesses that run blogs solely for marketing. Not only blogs, But they also create vlogs to spread the words all across the world. Now, what is amazing about such pieces of information? Any guesses?

It is none other than optimization. Yes! Optimizing or re-creating is the key to get utmost of the blogs or vlogs. No matter, it is a sales team or SEO team, their published marketing content should be optimized and curated such that audience get to know about the service. This can be best done by introducing different pain points of customers while re-creating the content. Also, a popular webinar can be converted into a blog and vice-versa.


5. Last, but not the Least – SEO Data

As mentioned above, sales data is crucially important for SEO team to shoot the campaign. Simultaneously, SEO data is immensely vital.

SEO data consisting most searched keywords, region of traffic, area of interest and response on campaigns assist sales persons to reach their clients easily. Analyzing all such data make them to work for potential customers. Also, comparing the performance with the competitors will aid sales professionals to cover the loopholes of the strategy.


SEO And Sales Team : The Backbone Of Business

Attaining the leadership among the competitors is not a daunting task. As discussed above, it is all about aligning SEO and sales team to get the utmost of the efforts. It is crucially important for the companies and professionals too, to consider both team as one and bring them on a single platform regularly. Regular meetings, facile communication channels, redefining strategies and revamping business models should be the base parameters of any business to build reputation, high ROI and huge customer base.