Internet of Things is bursting out a new device each day which is not only serving humankind, but also the world of entertainment, sports, food, automobile and healthcare. Xbox is also one of the IoT innovations which offer users to play movies in HD, latest games and even favorite songs. The device not only allows the user to execute files using hard disk, but also aid in downloading the updates using internet. There are many more endless activities that can be carried out with Xbox till they are restricted by Microsoft.

Various new software has also been launched that have ability to support Xbox. Using these, the device can get connected to your PC such that all music and videos can be streamed directly rather than using the hard drive storage space. Some of the software also allow to access videos directly from the websites like AOL and YouTube. All these features can be availed within your Xbox device using three amazing options like WinAmp Remote, Windows Media Player 11 and Windows Media Center PC. Now, most of the Xbox users might not be aware of the operating the Windows Media Player with Xbox. So, here we have listed them a few tips:

  • The very initial step is to check that Xbox is connected with an internet connection so that the user can access Xbox Live.
  • Once Windows Media Player 11 is opened, tap to the Library tab and then click ‘media sharing’.
  • Once, media sharing window will pop out, click ‘share my media to’ checkbox and click Xbox 360 followed by ‘allow’ and ‘okay’.
  • Whilst this process, there will be system settings as well that will take an effect. In case, the system will turn idle and no activity is taking place, just restart the system or re-connect the ports with the router because sometimes, blockage occurs at the port. It is also advised to check the firewalls as they can create problem sometimes.
  • After taking a pause, start the Xbox again and then choose Media blade followed by music or videos. Hit ‘X’ to change the source and choose the device.
  • Everything available within your library will be displayed on Xbox.

This is how, Internet of Things has now become the source of entertainment for people, be it a Xbox or some other device.