We need not to wait long for an era when, every person will be able to track the health and capture the exact health status on their IoT devices. Not only self, but the people will also be able to keep the track of their parent’s and loved one’s health using an interoperable or connected data network. There are many reasons due to which healthcare IoT devices are transforming into a new shape.

Each day the technology is gaining advancement such that the connectivity is expanding along with the growing number of wearables and mobile devices. The evidence of this growth can be seen in the form of fitness meter, biometric and wellness tracking device. There are many more advanced technologies that boasts the feature of reading and tracking muscle activity, measuring nutrition in food, tracking exposure to ultraviolet rays and keeping tabs on EEG levels. Above all these innovations, there is a very interesting fact that on what rate the consumers are availing all these products, devices and wearables.

Under-skin implants, digital tattoo and smart contact lenses are also some of the excellent innovations in healthcare IoT world. With the use of interoperable networks, it has become possible for the devices to communicate better. Using this process as the principle, there are various innovations that are serving healthcare industries. Some of these include internet connected refrigerators that monitor food status, televisions that can connect the real time data dashboards, thermostats that can self-control temperatures of the body and light bulbs that can adjust emission of UV lights to maintain stress level according to the time of the day. Since, the number of all such devices is increasing each day; thus, it has become crucial for the companies to maintain the security of their data.