Most of us have imagined a world, where every single thing will become automatic. There could be number of things that can become possible due to one of the merging technology; Internet of Things (IoT). These could be garage door opening/closing via phone, thermostat turning ON before you reach home, microwave sending you the message that your food is ready to eat and there could be many more possibilities.

With all such imaginations and innovations, Internet of Things has become a most buzzing word throughout the world. The technology came into existence in the late 90s in which one device can get connected wirelessly to another one. But, now the technology has become more advanced such that they can do many more things in addition to getting connected and sending data. These days, IoT devices can also control home and even lifestyles.

A huge number of Internet of Things(IoT) devices came into light that only require sensors and internet connection. No Wi-Fi or bluetooth is mandatory, instead a smartphone or tablet is enough to control the devices. The gateway will have the ability to support the radio protocols and to communicate with other node or router involved in the connection. The best efficiency of the device can be built using low power radio transceivers as they consume a very less of battery.

iot data

Above all its advantages, when it comes to the process involved; it includes the cloud storage technique. The functionality of the cloud is such that it will hide the various protocols derived from the user application. Also, multi-applications can be controlled using smart app or web application using a single smartphone and in turn, this could lead to a huge network of various applications. However, above all the facts, it will become easier for the user to control and monitor various appliances like refrigerator, washing machine, microwave and air-conditioner.

All above mentioned facts about IoT based home appliances were the glimpse over smart home usage products. The biggest advantage is, IoT equipment can monitor the activities of small kids and elderly people. Also, doctors can track the patient’s activities and status. There are endless possibilities that can aid in acquiring a hassle free life. A user just need to explore the various IoT devices and its pros, efficiency, energy consumption and security issues, so that the user can take smart decision with smart IoT technological device.