Social networking, sharing live experiences, chatting, updating pictures and videos, ad sponsoring, branding and what not Facebook can do. Hey, did we miss telling something amazing about Facebook which you do not know. It’s Facebook Marketplace. If you already aware of this excellent feature, Thumbs up! And, if not, you are at the right place to learn all about Facebook marketplace.

With growing number of users, Facebook features are also enhancing each day. By introducing Marketplace, Facebook connected a plethora of buyers and sellers at a single platform regardless of the fact that they are small-scale or large-scale industry, individual or freelancer. A data reveals that over 450 million people across the globe visits Marketplace each month.

Now, you must be thinking, why Facebook Marketplace, when there are many more online and offline platforms. Let us tell you, how millions of users are connected and benefited using Facebook Marketplace.


Why Choose Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace_Why and How To Use For A High Revenue_Why

  • Immense Traffic. No doubt, Facebook has more users against any other platform. Be it a student, homemaker, business person or non-techie, Facebook offered each of them a user-friendly interface. From chatting to calling, using native language to live streaming, Facebook has it all that aids its users to share their opinions, experiences and suggestions easily.This is why none could be a better place, when it is about getting large audience in a short span.
  • No Payment Leakage. When a seller makes a deal on some other platform, they pay taxes, services charges and other related charges. Over this, Facebook again wins by letting the seller to get a payment without deducting any lump sum charges.
  • Maintains Security. When it is about selling used stuff, other platforms make seller to share their contact details to buyer and even non-buyer. While Facebook, allows the seller to keep their contact details secure and share via personal messaging.

This is not the end of the list of advantages of Facebook Marketplace. Now, if you are all geared up to start using this brilliant platform, let head over the guide on how to use Facebook Marketplace.


Facebook MarketPlace: How To Use?

Step 1 – Get Started With Building Awareness.

Before speaking technically, let us help you getting started with building awareness about the product or services. Do not focus over making expensive deal. The reason being, if you list the product/service considering the pain points of the customer, you will get a obvious and good deal.

In simple words, always list your product with high quality image, low prices and accessibility details. The more you will emphasize the user’s choice, the more will be the visitors and ultimately, the high will be your revenue. The baseline is, build trust for your customers with the transparency of product, prices and availability.


Step 2 – Work Towards Your Profile.

An undeniable fact is, a buyer trust brand, not deals. So, if you are a newbie in the marketplace, all you can do is, win the customer’s trust. Always mind your deeds on the profile that you are using to manage the Facebook Marketplace. Never show up with negative or zero comments.

Believe it or not, customer attracts over the services which respond them quickly and gently. No matter, how harsh you get comments, always hold your patience while making a deal or bringing up the product.

Above all, never forget mentioning store/business name, contact detail and a short description. Though, a digital marketing company can help you with managing your account.

Facebook Marketplace_Why and How To Use For A High Revenue_How To Use


Step 3 – Research The Trend.

It is all effortless to come up with a product or service, which users do not even give a look. This is when you need to conduct a precise market research. How? Let us help you.

Why not take advantage of Facebook, when it allows keeping track of responses over a post. List a few products and check the responses or views over them. Bingo! Here is how you get to know the customer’s preference and choice. Proceed with introducing the products which received the maximum responses. After all, making investment and wasting time over outdated products is not at all a wise thing to do.


Step 4 – Mind Response Time.

Again Facebook has something better for sellers. It helps keeping your eyeballs on response-time. So, whenever you fail responding instantly to the customer, Facebook will face-off your engagement. This is how, you can always track and elevate the response-time by either responding the potential customer(s) over post or sending message. After all, your customer always love to hear from you.


Step 5 – Maintain Engagement.

Buyers always want diversity in the products. When they become brand follower, they look forward for more products against visiting other store(s). So, when you are done with above mentioned steps, start bringing up more products to keep engagement and relationship between you brand and customers.


When It Is Business. It’s Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Why and How To Use For A High Revenue_When It Is Business

From free exposure to large customer base, increasing awareness to building trust, Facebook Marketplace has it all. No matter, what industry type a business is, Facebook is a definite place to make a good revenue. Also, there are a plethora of Social Media Optimization services which are leveraging industries to map their Facebook Marketplace strategy for efficient results.