Recently, a IoT webcast episode was organized with an aim to spread awareness about SIM management. It was explained that how SIM Management can help in optimizing the management of IoT devices and services. The solutions have been bought up by SAP customer innovation and strategic projects. Various explanations accompanied by examples beautifully succeeded in accomplishing the aim of that webcast episode. It has become possible because it was well-researched that how the solution enable SAP enterprises customers to get connected with IoT devices using mobile operators encompassing multiple countries.


A few verticals in which SIM management is enhancing its performance have been discussed. These are as follows:

  • Healthcare (Remote monitoring and safe patient care)
  • Automotive and Transportation (Internet connected vehicle, fleet management)
  • Natural resources, energy and utilities (remote assets, monitoring distributed)


A few more interesting facts came up from this webcast that include architecture of the solution over segmentation and configuration. All the required aspects were discussed and explained in-depth. Moreover, it was also discussed that SIM management can make IoT deployment easier that earlier. The deployment can be carried out along with providing customers a freedom to choose several certified operators. This has become possible because of product portfolio of SAP’s IoT solution that emerged with the blend of IoT applications and SIM life-cycle management capabilities.


The baseline is, the solution has been acquired where one can get amazing intuitive user experience. This will also help in enabling a seamless integration with varied universal operators and availing a plethora of benefits that a user want to have. A lot more have been derived from the solution. However, in order to explore more about the ways of optimizing the management of IoT devices and services, one can explore internet and various available resources that have researched well on IoT technology.