Working on a Wireless internet service through a router is just like working on electric signals. You are only going to notice that electricity exists the moment it stops working. Although, there are various ways in which your router can stop working.

But do not worry as you are going to be surprised to know that these issues can be easily fixed. There are a series of steps that you can follow in order to see to it that you solve the issue. There are various router error codes that can make the router go wrong.

These errors can occur due to various technical issues or failures in the device. The error messages are going to be displayed on the screen. These errors can give helpful clues to the nature of the issue.

You need to have a look at the proper list of the errors that can cause these errors in your Wi-Fi connection.

Below mentioned are some of the causes of the router errors and their fixes as well:


1. Slow Internet Connection

Although the router is providing good speed and some of the members in the family are experiencing the best speeds, but some are just not getting enough speed. There are various reasons why that must be happening and one of those reasons is slow internet speed.

If the router is at the far corner of the house and you are seated at the other corner, then you are going to have difficulty connecting to the internet. Move your router to a location that is in the center of the house.

7 Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Router Error Code__Slow Internet Connection

The center of the house you put your router in, the better is going to be covered in all the rooms. This is why it is suggested to move the router to a location from where the signals can be transmitted to each and every corner of the house.

The antennas of the router must also be adjusted as they might be the reasons behind the slow speed of the internet. These antennas can be re-positioned to get the network in multiple directions.

Also, check whether or not your router is not getting interfered with the signals of other routers.


2. Unplugged Network Cable In The Router

When the internet is not connected or you are not able to access it, then it means that you are going to get an error. There are various kinds of errors that you can see while the internet is not connected with the devices.

These errors can describe whether what is the problem and why you are not able to connect with the internet connection. This is going to annoy the user.

7 Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Router Error Code__Unplugged Network Cable

Well, a router error code can also mean that a network cable out of the router has been plugged out. This error can be generated due to various issues like improper installation or cabling issues.

If your connection is wired, you are going to lose all access to the network. The only solution to this issue is to check the Wi-Fi cabling and the router installation again and figure out the issue.


3. The IP Address Issue

If your PC or laptop is set up at a static IP that is being used by some other device on the network, your PC would not be able to use the network.

Two PC’s must not be working on the same IP as it can create an issue. To resolve this error, one must address this issue as soon as possible. The problem can occur with the DHCP Addressing.


4. The Network Path Cannot Be Found

Well, the issue can arise when the network path cannot be found when you are trying to access the internet through any of your devices.

The network path cannot be found when you are using an incorrect name for the network resource. If there are two devices that are different and you do not have the right permission to access the resources.

Make sure that you are using one device at the same IP to resolve this issue.


5. Forgotten the Wi-Fi Password

There are at times when you are entering the wrong password and you are going to get an error. The password is written anywhere and nobody knows whether what the password was in the first place. In this case, the only solution is going to be that you need to reset your router.

7 Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Router Error Code__Forgotten WiFi Password

To reset the router, you need to make sure that you need to find the hidden switch that is a pinhole. The switch is going to be pressed for at least 10 seconds in order to reset the router.


6. Router Crashing

There is a time when you are facing the router error codes because the router is crashing most of the time.

If the router is crashing, then the most definite solution is to restart the router. There are various ways through which you can restart your router.

One of the ways to restart the router entirely is by resetting the router. The setting can be done by putting a pin in the pinhole.


7. The Router Is Connected But There Is No Internet Connection

7 Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Router Error Code__The Router Is Connected But There Is No Internet Connection

There are at times when your router is connected to the internet and you are getting all the signals but are unable to access the internet. When you are facing such an error, then you try to reset the router.

You need to connect the laptop or your PC to an Ethernet cable. If this solution works, then you may have to reset the router. If you are still unable to connect the router to the internet, then you may need to connect to the internet service provider.



These are some of the errors and issues that you can face while you are trying to connect your internet to the router.

These router error codes can be solved simply by following the steps mentioned. If you are still unable to solve the issues, then you can contact your internet service provider as they might let you know that was the issue and how it can be solved.