Creating a website is something that has gotten a lot easier in recent years compared to the early days of the internet. If it was mandatory to know about the program before, today it is possible to create a website in a few minutes on your own. That’s why we decided to bring you important web design tips.

This facility in creating a website can end up hiding an important detail: should you create the ideal page or one that works correctly? These are questions and skills that need to be worked on and not all people have the trained eye – or even the patience – to create web pages.

Webdesign is not something simple and that’s why companies like Upsites bring knowledge and relevant service because many people or companies don’t have the time or know-how to create a website. But if you want to learn a little, get your foot in the water, we’re more than willing to help!


First Of All: Don’t Confuse Web Design With UX (User Experience)

A fairly recent (and important) term is UX Designer. UX stands for User Experience and as the name says, this professional’s goal is to see a page with the user’s eyes, check navigability, information layout, clarity, and keep in mind how to create a page that is engaging, involving the user.

The web and software design/development professional also has to think about this, of course, but his role is to create, present his ideas and make the layout of a person’s or company’s website, putting it on the air. It is possible that the two functions are complementary or that different professionals are chosen so as not to have an “addicted” look.


Some Web Design Tips That Make Your Website Stand Out From The Rest

Having made this distinction, which is important, let’s go-to web design tips to make your WordPress site stand out. It is already clear that we are fans of this system and it helps a lot of those who want to create a website from scratch and don’t have all the knowledge in the world.


1. Don’t Forget About Visual Identity

Even if it’s okay that your site is covered in text and the look doesn’t matter that much, don’t overlook the importance of thinking about colors, fonts, and a logo.

In the case of the latter, it is possible to find a  customized online logo creator and thus have a reference for the client’s undertaking.

The fonts and colors are also important references and pass the company’s image. If you use a more modern font, bright colors, it is normal to think right away that this is a young company in an active market. A law firm may prefer a “traditional” font and more sober colors. A web designer has to keep this in mind.


2. Straight To The Point

There’s no need to stall, especially in an environment like the internet, where dynamism reigns and those who don’t know how to be quick can lose to a competitor in two clicks. If it is possible to create a few pages, concentrate the information – without losing the aesthetic sense – and direct your eyes to what is most important.

Do you have e-commerce that is doing a big promotion? Don’t make the user have to search the secondary pages and hunt for these promotions. Highlight them right at the opening and with the possibility of seeing the product and making the purchase as quickly as possible.

A word often used to describe the above is a hierarchy. If in a text there is the concept of an inverted pyramid – the most important information goes up and down – on a page, especially the home page, it is the same thing.


3. The Site Needs To Be Fast

In addition to being to the point, your site needs to be fast and provide smooth navigation. Everyone has already entered a page that takes a long time to load, the photos break, the text content is lost, in short, a tragedy.

But the negative impact this created got even worse when Google began punishing these sites with lower search rankings. Therefore, anyone who has a slow website and does not offer the best user experience will be heavily punished.

And a web designer needs to keep this in mind. Videos, images, animations, lots of pages, all these choices can be good, but always think about speed and invest in greater capacities if there is a possibility that the site will be slow.


4. Never Ignore The Mobile

Access via mobile devices (cell phones and tablets) surpassed access via computers, but even so, it is still common to enter a website that does not adapt to smaller screens. A site that allows this is cutting more than half of its users right off the bat.

Each decision chosen needs to be evaluated with the mobile screen. WordPress makes it possible to do this even if you’re looking through a notebook or desktop screen, adapting the information. A responsive site is a site that includes, not excludes.


5. White Is Your Friend

A white background can look dull, basic. But you can put all kinds of colors on it and it’s much easier to read. Have you ever entered a website with a black background and red lettering? So it is.

Many themes and website models invest in “clean” clothing. No need to fill your site with stuff. It is much better to create a welcoming environment where ideas are clear. They need to look simple and well-crafted with color and information. Too much content can confuse people.


6. Web Design For Robots?

With the web design tips already given, it is important to explain the issue of robots, SEO, and why you need to think about them in all stages of website and content creation.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a progression of procedures used to improve your site position in Google and other web search engines. So a sleeping pad store will need to situate well when individuals search for “quality beddings”, “sleeping cushion deals”, “online bedding store” and such.

With billions of sites on the planet, obviously, this positioning isn’t done at the tip of the pen by Google’s illuminated beings. Here, robots enter to make evaluations on different measures, which are not presented to the world by Google, yet there are a few indications of what is esteemed.


7. Human vs Robot Strategies

For many years, sites have tried implementing strategies that weren’t necessarily intended to be interesting to read for humans, but that worked quite well when it came to positioning. With the greater intelligence of robots, there are no more path-breakers.

The web designer needs to be smart to create a website that is easily navigated by these robots. That’s why it’s important to recite the need for information hierarchy and not make a site full of pages, content, and information that can be cut off.

Today Google values ​​a fast side the most besides looking for optimized content. In addition to this speed, people like it and stay with it when entering (low bounce rate).

After all, a page is only relevant if people spend more than a few seconds on it, isn’t it? And it can even have good content, but if it has the black background and red lettering that we talked about above, it doesn’t do much good for the words to be beautiful.



We hope that with our web design tips for creating WordPress websites you have gained insights into this very special and fundamental skill in today’s times.

Creating a website from scratch is not difficult, but doing a good job is something that takes a lot out of people. Even more, because it is a knowledge that is always developing and changing. What was fashionable, accepted, and worked very well in 2016 may not have the same impact in 2021.