Color selection is one of the biggest challenges for web designers. The chosen color of website may have psychological impact on site viewers. Every color has its own symbolic meaning.

Red is the color of high-energy and vibrations, but blue implies peace and calmness. As per the site perspective, the choice of color should be made. Like a site that is intended to sell children’s toys must have bright and vibrant colors, on the other hand, a site of law firm should have decent colors.

Now you need not to be worried to decide the site theme color. You also need not be master of color theory. Here is a list of some popular free and best tools for web designers. These tools can help you in color selection.


1. Khroma

20 Best Web Designing Color Tools of 2020_Khroma

Khroma is basically an AI tool that can help you to mix, browse and compare original color combinations. In the tool, the AI algorithm is used to train the neural network. User can pick anyone from 50 available colors. Any new color can be formed through that.


2. Digital Color Meter

If you are a Mac user, then this tool is for you. You can pick any color from your machine through this Digital Color Meter tool from anywhere on your screen. As a result, you can get the color values as hexadecimal, decimal or percentage.



The users of this site can use the gradients to fill the color in their image. The web page of the site is filled up with various color palettes in square shape. The hex code is also present there along with the color palettes.


4. Colordot

20 Best Web Designing Color Tools of 2020_Colordot

This is a free online tool to create a color palette. By simply moving the mouse over the colors, you can choose pick any color. For hue move the mouse back and forth and brightness move it up and down and scroll for saturation. You can then save you palette. App also have its iOS app.


5. Eggradients

The tool represents various colors within design work. The gradients are displayed in egg shape. The app has various meanings and symbolic names of colors. Like for pale blue, the name is ‘Wozniak’s Broken Heart’ and for transition from yellow to green the used name is ‘Merciful Enemy’.


6. LOL Colors

20 Best Web Designing Color Tools of 2020_LOL Colors

The service is created by Macknzie Child. The tool is a curated color palette. The teardrop used here is clickable. Here the generated hex code can be copied as well.


7. W3Schools: Colors Tutorial

If you are looking for a guide to learn colors, then W3 school tutorial is best for you. Here you can learn about color wheels, color hues and color theory. Here you can also use other tools as well like Color Converter. Here you can convert any color to-and-from names, RGB, HWB, CMYK and HSL.


8. Color Calculator

20 Best Web Designing Color Tools of 2020_Color Calculator

From the tool, you can select a color and color harmony option. By this, you can get a recommended color scheme. The good aspect of the site is that it can go into little bit detail of color theory and choice.


9. HTML Color Code

This tool offers an in-depth color picker. It has plenty of explanations of color rules and series. Some of the good ones are classic web safe color, Google’s Material design scheme and a list of standard HTML color names and codes. The site also offers various resources and tutorials for web designers.


10. HueSnap

20 Best Web Designing Color Tools of 2020_HueSnap

For those who want to capture and use the real color of any live location, then they can use HueSnap. The app is basically developed for mobile users. App users can sue plenty of colors and palettes. Each palette has six colors.


11. 147 Colors

20 Best Web Designing Color Tools of 2020_147 Colors

This is a easy-to-use color palette app. You can select and chose the color of your choice as and when required. The app has total 17 standard colors and 130 other CSS color names. You can filter the results by color shades. The color rainbow has total 147 colors.


12. Adobe Color CC

20 Best Web Designing Color Tools of 2020_Adobe Color CC

This is a free color tool. It is considered as one of the best tools. You can choose and pick any color palette. User can access their own and other user’s color palette. You can also apply color rules as well like whether you want to use complementary colors, monochromatic colors or general colors. You can also save the themes for later use.


13. ColorCode

20 Best Web Designing Color Tools of 2020_ColorCode

The app is quite similar to Colordot with some additional guidance. You can save and export the developed color palette as SCSS or LESS file. In this application the background of the image changes as per cursor movement. Various offered color palette categories are monochrome, triad, analogue and monochrome light.


14. Material Design Palette

Through this tool, you can select any two colors of your choice. They will then be converted to a full color palette. You can then download and complete the preview.


15. Color Rotate

20 Best Web Designing Color Tools of 2020_ColorRotate

This is a most useful app for the tablets. You can take full control of your colors through this app. Many customized colors can be made through the app.



Through this site, you can adjust as many color palettes as you want. You can also export your created color palette in your desired format. User can also get the inspiration from other’s color palettes. The tool is available as desktop and iOS application.


17. Color Explorer

It is one of the most-in-depth available color tools. The color schemes can be created, analyzed and customized. The tool is absolutely free.


18. Canva Color Palette Generator

If you want to create a color palette based upon a particular image, then Canva can be a best option for you. The tool can itself return a color palette for any uploaded image. However, the only limitation of the palette is that you cannot adjust the colors of palette. User can only pick the desired colors.


19. Check My Colours

20 Best Web Designing Color Tools of 2020_CheckMyColours

The tool helps in combining background and foreground colors. For this, the colors of all DOM elements are used. Here the color pairing is also checked. The resulting color palette is created even for the color deficit people.


20. Paletton

The web designers can use the colors from website. Proper color combinations can be used. The color chosen by the designers are pre-made colors.