Almost every one of us surfs the internet and faces many problems while doing so. We come across malware, ransom ware, viruses, Trojans, and every other thing. We need secure browsing and a reliable system, and when we talk about the security of an order, the first thing that strikes in the brain is an antivirus.

We are all very much dependent on antivirus for security purposes, like Avast Firewall, but sometimes it does not work properly and gives you trouble. You can put all your stress regarding it aside as you can solve Avast firewall problems easily, it is not that big of a deal. But again maximum antiviruses are paid and who want to spend money; firstly, for buying a system; secondly, to pay every year or even every month for the antivirus.

Here is a list of some genuinely free antivirus in the year 2020, which you can use to keep your system secure.


1.   Microsoft Windows Defender

Top 5 Antivirus Of 2020 You Should Download_1

Windows 10 in the recent year has come with its own very nicely updated and upgraded antivirus and defending system, which comes with regular updates and works very well to protect your order from every kind of brutal invasion. However, if the antivirus is not regularly updated, it shows problems, and sometimes the updates do not suit your hardware and are not successfully installed and may cause specific errors like BSOD in a worst-case scenario.

Download Link – Microsoft Windows Defender


2.   Microsoft Security Essentials

Top 5 Antivirus Of 2020 You Should Download_2

Now, if your windows 10 is ancient or you are still stuck with windows seven which has almost stopped giving security updates then this is a version on Microsoft antiviruses which is entirely free of cost and is downloadable on those systems which contain an old version of windows 10, thus an old version of MS Windows defender.

If you use this antivirus, there are no additional problems like you won’t require extra extensions, or you won’t see any other advertisements. It is a perfect product and keeps on updating its virus definitions from time to time, and additionally, its scanning is outstanding, it keeps your PC free from any harmful invasions until you allow the threat.

Download Link – Microsoft Security Essentials


3.   Avira Free Antivirus

Top 5 Antivirus Of 2020 You Should Download_3

Unlike the above two, this antivirus is also available for iOS systems. Avira is also very well rated by its users all over the globe. It is very efficient because it does not demand much of your system resources. Even old systems can use Avira very well without impacting the speed and performance of your order. The best part about this antivirus is that it operates over the cloud, and this puts Avira, a step ahead of all the malware. But there is one central point to keep in mind: Avira’s protection is only applied on Firefox and Google.

Download Link – Avira Free Antivirus


4.   Panda

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Panda, which is also a very nicely rated antivirus by its users, also provides a limit of 150 MB per day VPN use. Panda is very useful while you talk about browsing and sending emails over the internet. It is easy to use for beginners and has a friendly interface. It will protect your system from any attacks coming forth, and the scanning quality of the antivirus is rated very well.

Download Link – Panda


5.   Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Top 5 Antivirus Of 2020 You Should Download_5

Now users, the ultimate free antivirus for privacy, come to be this antivirus that not only provides anti-malware protection but also provides you privacy by providing a VPN, password manager, and dark web scanner. Although the VPN usage has a limit of 200 MB per day and one more limitation comes out to be that you can save only 15 passwords at a time. It also operates over the cloud. It keeps a regular check over the database and prevents your system malware and virus-free, and it does not affect the system’s speed much.

Download Link – Kaspersky Anti-Virus


Summing Up

All these antiviruses are very useful if you install it in a system that is not very much affected already, and these will protect your order from further threats. Still, if your system is already modified a lot and then you install antivirus, then I don’t think any antivirus would be able to save it very well.