Snapchat is a Android and iOS-based mobile app and the media sent by the app remain available for few time and then it become inaccessible. The app concept was evolved to encourage natural interaction. This app was developed by the Snap Company that is known as a camera company. Today we are going to describe Snap chat app and its several features.


Snapchat App – Introduction To Features

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Initially Snapchat was focused for person-to-person and private sharing, but now its users can use it for several other purposes. Through Snapchat users can share short videos, messages, create several Bitmoji avatars, and share and broadcast your stories to all of your followers. In the “Discovery” area of the chat users can access content of the popular publishers like Buzzfeed.

Snapchat also lets its users to store media on some private storage area as well. You can show your live location on the world map and is just about instant communication through your mobile phone. Snapchat has changed the way the way of communication.


Snapchat Lingo Glossary

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Nowadays, there million of users of Snapchat and most of them are not familiar with its unique terminology. However, the users of the app can access the glossary section through Snapchat guide. Here also we are going to explain the app glossary:

1. Snapback

When Snapchat was launched then this term was much popular. If you also are not aware with this term then here is the meaning. Snapback simply means to reply a snap. So, we can simply say that Snapback means to reply a private message one-on-one privately.


2. Snap

On Snapchat all videos, photos or messages are known as “snap”. If you would be asked to send the snap then it does mean that you have to send photo, video or message through Snapchat or the chat function of the app.


3. Story

You can easily click and share as many snaps as you wish and broadcast them as well. All of the broadcasted and linked snaps will appear as a story reel. Your followers can tap and watch them to experience your entire day. The story reel played only for 24 hours and then will disappear. However, the Snapchat users can also save these stories.


4. Lenses

Yu can add more fun effects to your snaps by using augmented-reality sounds and effects. This feature is known as Lenses. One can enable this feature by long pressing on your face being in camera view mode. The lenses will then appear on the next row to the capture button.


5. Snapstreak

If you have used Snapchat then you may have noticed emojis on the next to the names of your Snapchat friends. The users on streak can use this feature and are called on streak with you. You can check more emoji options by going to settings then manage and then Friend’s Emojis.


6. Filter vs. Geofilter

After clicking the snap you can swipe left or right and add colored filters on the preview screen. You can also add current time, local time, geofilters, speed overlays to your videos and photos. You can swap and add as many filters as you wish to your clicked snaps.

Unlike filters the Geofilters can add your location or event with your snap. Other users can also share their experiences with followers or friends. Sometimes Geofilter only works for some of the specific locations.


6. Bitmoji

If you have created an avatar through Bitmoji app and linked with your Snapchat account, then you can see AR-based lenses that may feature your Avatar in the form of stickers. The “friendmoji” sticker can be seen in chat that can be seen by you and your friend both. These Bitmojis are designed to encourage Snapchat user interaction.


7. 3D World Lenses

Unlike Lenses feature that is usually applied to your face or selfie-shot in real-time, World Lenses is to affect the surrounding environment. Lenses and 3D World Lenses appear in the same row, but only when your camera faces outward.


8. Snapcode

Through Snapcode is a scannable code that helps the users in making new friends. Your friend can snap his camera at your Snapcode and you to his friend list. This Snapcode is similar to QR code that can be located on the Profile screen.


Snapchat App – The Verdict

Snapchat is popular especially among your users as it permits the images to disappear immediately. There is also a privacy policy for young users. The user can control and change their privacy settings as well. There is also a “Do Not Disturb” feature that lets teens mute their threads.

The app developers say that the Snaps clicked by this app can be saved only for 10 seconds. However, the users can also take the screenshots to save the snap. User can share their emotions, locations, snaps, videos and emojis through Snapchat.

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