OnePlus 6T, definitely, a much awaited launch of OnePlus. And, why not? It deserves to be the one. Not only it is flourishing cutting edge technology, but also an outstanding design.

With larger display, high endurance battery, small notch and advanced fingerprint technology, it has everything to take on all its predecessors. Though, OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro are floating in the market, but you can still buy OnePlus 6T from authorized and online stores at best prices, offers and discounts.


OnePlus 6T – Release Date, Price and Best Buy

OnePlus 6T is a bit expensive as compared to OnePlus 6, but it does not exceed the mid-range. It costs

Rs. 37,999 / $ 530 for 6 GB+128 GB

Rs. 41,999 / $ 585 for 8 GB+128 GB

Rs. 45,999 / $ 640 for 8 GB+256 GB

You can buy OnePlus 6T online only from OnePlus and Amazon official website and OnePlus stores (offline).

The links for buying OnePlus 6T has been listed below where you can get the best price, deals, offers and discounts.

Buy OnePlus 6T from Amazon | Buy OnePlus 6T from OnePlus


OnePlus 6T – Design

  • Color

Elegance has never been ignored by OnePlus 6T. Midnight Black and Mirror Black gives the best options to users who prefer sophisticated smartphones. Both the colors are appealing in their own ways. The difference can be easily figured out as Midnight Black gives S-shaped reflection across its back when hit by the light.

Another fact about Midnight Black is that its glass back repels fingerprint as compared to other smartphone with glass bodies. However, Mirror Black do not have such repulsion against fingerprints.


  • Built

Talking about its built, OnePlus has always brought up a classy range of designs. As of now, it does not have a single range that did not appeal its users. Following the trend, OnePlus 6T landed with an excellent design with a display slightly bigger and heavier than its predecessor. However, there are not much changes against OnePlus 6.

OnePlus 6T Review-Price In India, Camera, Specifications, Features_Design

The back is built with 3D glass that give users a good grip. This gives a better choice to its users who do not prefer using material like bamboo and sandstone which was earlier used by OnePlus.

Alert switch is definitely the most beloved add-on by OnePlus which lets the user to check the phone without waking it up. It also lets the user to switch from silent to priority to loud.


  • Ports

USB-C Ports are there just like OnePlus 6, however, 3.5 mm headphone jack has been eliminated. To ease their users, OnePlus introduced headphone jack adapter with the device.


OnePlus 6T – Display

OnePlus 6T arrived with the largest display ever in the entire series of OnePlus. Video lovers and gamers are surely going to love its extended full HD resolution AMOLED panel as it offers great colors, contrast and brilliant sharpness.

Akin to OnePlus 6, 6T also flourish full DCI-P3 color gamut, monochrome reading & warm night mode and a diversified color range. This is why, it works amazing even in bright surroundings and daylight. With the feature of adaptive brightness, the phone will adjust its brightness automatically based on its surroundings. However, HDR support is still absent.

OnePlus 6T Review-Price In India, Camera, Specifications, Features_Display

Following the trend of OnePlus 6, a less-intrusive notch is introduced. Accompanying it, there are earpiece and 16 MP front camera within the bezel at its top. Talking of its face enabled screen lock, it uses single RGB camera which makes it a little less secure than that of screen lock that uses IR dot projection.

Now, the concept of in-display fingerprint is new within OnePlus range and introduced within 6T. Although, it is stylish, but lacks in response time as compared to rear mounted fingerprint lock of OnePlus 6. Another very interesting fact about in-display fingerprint unlocking is that its animation can be customized which sounds really cool.


OnePlus 6 – Performance

  • Processor

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset settled at the heart of OnePlus 6T is more than brilliant to empower the device to let it perform seamless and flawless.

OnePlus 6T Review-Price In India, Camera, Specifications, Features_Processor

Be it streaming videos, quick access or gaming, OnePlus 6T does not fail at any instance when it comes to its performance quality.

By introducing Gaming Mode, OnePlus has definitely worked upon its superb gaming performance. Putting Gaming Mode ON, the user can manage calls, network usage on background apps, optimize CPU, GPU & memory and notifications, which is super cool.

It’s Smart Boost functionality is again another perk to the device. It silently tracks the usage of the device and proactively reallocate memory resources, so that user does not feel that the phone is working slow at any instance.


  • Speakers

Speakers are ace-class as it allows the user to enjoy music, audios or calls loud and clear. Similarly, the recipient of the calls made by OnePlus 6T can hear loud and clear voice despite any background noise. Precisely, with noise cancellation features, calls can be made and attended without any hassle.


OnePlus 6T – Software

Akin to OnePlus 6, its OxygenOS and Android 9.0 – Pie delivers swift and flawless processing experience. Alongside, the user can also experience the native features of Android Pie such as parallel apps, improved navigation buttons and other shortcut gestures.

To ease the accessibility, certain quick gestures have been introduced to let the user turn on the camera, flashlight and media playback. With single swipe down, the user can also read the notifications for the apps without engaging both and hands to unlock the screen.

Coming over to the camera software, it is the same as OnePlus 6. Also, a single swipe to the left of the home screen to handle the widgets, app search tray and recent apps is again the same. However, an interesting feature – Hidden Space for hiding the apps is a new add-on.


OnePlus 6T – Camera

Following OnePlus 6, similar camera has been introduced. With dual 16/20 MP and f/1.7 wide aperture, enlarged 1.22 µm pixels on 16 MP sensor, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), 16 MP with EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) and PDAF (Phase Detection Autofocus), OnePlus 6T is made capable enough to take great shots.

OnePlus 6T Review-Price In India, Camera, Specifications, Features_Camera

OnePlus is continuously working on improving its low-light camera capabilities and HDR performance quality. However, an amazing feature can be seen within the device – it detects the surrounding lights using Auto Nightscape detection mode and adjusts itself to night mode. Need not to mention, but it works really well in daylight and bright light surroundings.

Coming onto its video shooting performance, it can record 4K resolution at 60 fps which are restricted to 5 minutes usage. A slight improvement on its stability will definitely enhance it to much better. On the other hand, its slo-mo processing is great which can record up to 480 fps at 720 pixels.


OnePlus 6T – Battery

OnePlus 6T comes with 3700 mAh power house, which is great for a day and a half usage. For some users, it can also last for two days without any hassle.

As OnePlus states, “A Day’s Power in Half An Hour”, its dash charges justifies very well. It actually charges OnePlus 6T to 100% in 45 mins or an hour approx.

Precisely, the duo of 20 W charging technology and 3700 mAh is the best gift to the users who are outgoing at most of their time or those who do not get enough charging time for their phone.

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OnePlus 6T: Does It Make A Good Buy?

OnePlus 6T Review-Price In India, Camera, Specifications, Features_Buy

OnePlus 6T landed with long lasting battery gives it a win-win situation while its heavy weight and large screen gives it a minus. There are many more plus Vs minus of OnePlus 6T like headphone jack removal vs in-display fingerprint unlocking, rise in base price vs more memory for less price.

To buy OnePlus 6T or not to buy, completely depends upon the user preferences and usage.

In short, OnePlus 6T has been upgraded in various measures by giving up on other factors. However, if you are using OnePlus 5 or 5T, OnePlus 6T will surely give a better upgrade.