iPhone 12 Pro Max is one of the most awaited phone for iPhone users. The phone is a superb offering by the company and can be a smartest choice as well for the users. However, if you are planning to buy this phone then be ready to spend a few more bucks for this model.

iPhone 12 Pro Max is another version of iPhone 12 Pro that was launched at the rate of 1,19,900 INR. Both the models have quite similar features but the rate of this Pro model is approximately 1,24,704 INR. The phone is available is same colors as of iPhone 12 Pro. The phone looks amplified due to its flattened edges on top and bottom sides of the class. The phone is quite heavy weight and moderately large in size.


iPhone 12 Pro Max – Release Date, Price and Best Buy

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iPhone 12 Pro Max launch was announced by the company on 13th October 2020 and was launched in the month of November in India. The users can buy the phone online and offline easily. Company confirmed the delay in launch of the phone and released two most popular variants iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max together at a later date.

The phone is not only available in the USA but from the month of November Apple started taking its booking from India. The price of iPhone 12 Pro Max is INR 124,704. While the Pro version cost of Apple was below 1 Lakh Rs.

If you are looking for the best buy guide for this version, then you are going to get quite similar features as of iPhone 12 Pro but by paying some extra bucks. However, if you are ready to carry extra weight in your pocket and loves all new models of iPhone than you can buy this one.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max – Design and Built

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Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max is the biggest phone among all that have been launched by Apple. The phone design is quite big and it looks somewhat larger in the hand. So if you are not ready to carry a bigger phone in your hand and pocket then you may not like it. Moreover the rounded edges of the phone make the hold uncomfortable.


iPhone 12 Pro Max – Color

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The colors of iPhone 12 Pro are vibrant and classy. Vibrant color availability is the key feature of the phone. The phone is launched in Gold, Graphite, Pacific Blue and Silver colors. The outer rim is shiny and gives new look to the phone.


iPhone 12 Pro Max – Ports

Several ports of the phone includes Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/6 and Bluetooth 5.0 and USB 2.0 port. The phone has non-removable battery and charging ports. Several sensors like Face ID, gyro, proximity, and barometer make the phone as per user’s requirement.


iPhone 12 Pro Max – Display

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iPhone 12 Pro Max is launched with the largest display. The phone is packed with OLED display and is launched with the name ‘Super XDR display’. This means bright, clear, sharp screen and can reproduce excellent colors. The phone images pop up with detail and classy colors. The screen can be expanded to the edges of the phone further, thus resulting in 6.5-inch display.


iPhone 12 Pro Max – Processor

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The new phone of Apple has A14 Bionic 5 nm chipset. The operating system can be upgraded from 14.1 to 14.4. Phone has fast processor that is hexa-core. GPU has 4-core graphics that makes the processing faster.


iPhone 12 Pro Max – Connectivity

The mega feature of this phone is its size but the biggest change of the phone is its 5G feature. Apple has launched its phone with awaited 5G technology, but still the users can use the phone with low latency networks as well. In future many gaming controllers, projectors and other accessories can also be added with this.


iPhone 12 Pro Max – Speakers/Audio/Calls

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Sound of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is quite good and the phone has the 3,5 mm audio jack. The phone users can use speakers to enjoy video and audio. Excellent sound quality of the phone can give you the amazing experience when you want to listen to the songs in parties or outdoors. Phone will not have any background noise. Moreover, the phone users can enjoy the phone calls through stereo speakers as well.


iPhone 12 Pro Max – Camera

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iPhone 12 Pro Max is most liked by those who love clicking pictures. The most promising camera of iPhone sits at its back there are three 12 MP cameras. These cameras are standard wide, ultra-wide and 2.5x telephone zoom. The night mode is available with the main shooter.

The sensors used in the camera can absorb more light and click clear and bright pictures. So the phone users need not to carry a separate camera while travelling, they can use the phone camera.


iPhone 12 Pro Max – Storage

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The phone has no external card slot. Just like other iPhone versions of Apple the iPhone 12 Pro Max memory is huge. Various memory configurations are offered by Apple and they are 128 GB 6 GB RAM, 256 GB 6 GB RAM and 512 GB 6 GB RAM.


iPhone 12 Pro Max – Battery

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Phone has Li-ion 3687 mAH non-removable battery. The charging speed of the battery is quite faster. In stand-by mode it can be used up to 20 Hrs, while playing music you can use it up to 80h. The phone users can enjoy wireless fast charging. It takes only 30 minutes to charge the phone. For travelers this phone can be the best option.



iPhone 12 Pro Max - Review - 10

You can buy this newly launched Apple’s phone has the ultimate 5G feature, so if you want to a buy a phone of your future technology then it can the good choice. However, the bigger chases and slow battery life can make it quite less favorable. Few reasons to choose the phone can be three rear cameras, long battery life and high screen resolution. Non-removable battery reduces the chance of misplacement of the battery. So if are trying to buy a phone with all latest features with new looks and feel then it can be the best buy.

For gamers it has the best processor, for photo lovers the phone has powerful camera and for the app lovers they can easily download and install as many apps as of their choice.


Final Suggestion

The cost of this iPhone is quite high and if you want to carry a heavy weight phone then choose this one. Moreover, the key features of the Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max are its 5G connectivity and camera quality. The phone display is fantastic and when the phone is paired with AirPods Pro then you can experience Dolby Atmos experience.