In this era we will soon witness the microphone beginning in humans. This innovative technology will soon verify that identity of a person. The RFID used in the chips will store all information that is usually carried in the wallets. Microchipping future is much exciting and is capable to change our lives.

The human information can be transmitted when he will cross any security checkpoint and will enable the humans to use public transport. The chips can now be installed in humans. Today electronic devices are getting smaller even people are able to carry them in their pockets.

Microchip implant is one of the latest technology that is capable to take the innovation one step further. In Sweden like technical countries thousands of citizens are carrying microchips in their body. One of the most prominent Swedish companies, Biohex International currently dominates the market that was founded just 6 years ago.

The owner of Biohex, Jowan Osterlund says that it is quite difficult to carry bunch of tokens and cards to verify your identity. As per his opinion chip implantation can simplify a number of everyday tasks and enhance the connectivity of the user.


How Microphone in Human Works?

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Microchip implantation is one of the latest convenient technologies. The chips that are implanted are designed primarily to reduce day to day or routine activities of individuals. Just by swapping the hands against digital readers, individuals can now verify their identity and access their offices, home, gym, shops or any public conveyance.

Not only this even the emergency contacts like FOBs/house keys, e-tickets for any public transport or event and social media profiles can also be stored in these mini bio-chips. In 2017, a government owned public train company SJ allowed his passengers to verify their identity and tickets through microchips in lieu of paper tickets.

The chips may soon be able to use in stores and restaurants very soon. For medical diagnostics and health monitoring these chips will also be used conveniently very soon. The researchers are going on to monitor the individual’s vitals through these micro chips.

In 2018 FDA or Food and Drug Administration of U.S approved a fully implantable continuous monitoring system. The system was initially approved especially for adults suffering from diabetes. In medical industry this was one of the most innovative medical technologies. The patients who use this technology can gain better control over their health conditions. Many surveys and reports have proved the patients will get better health, if a micro-chip will be implanted in their body.


What are the Disadvantageous Factors?

There are benefits of the chip implantation in humans, but still there are many disadvantages as well. Two of the major ones are health and privacy concerns. Some usual questions will we be able to remove these chips by ourselves? Will be have full control over our bodily parts and its privacy? Can anyone hack these chips?


Let Us Discuss Some Of The Major Disadvantages Of Chips

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1. A Major Threat to Our Health

Today we are using various cards in our everyday life that include credit cards, membership cards, medical cards, ID card and many others including cards of public transportation. In some particular case we may need to implant more than one chip. Sometimes even these chips migrate to other parts from where they are implanted initially. Thus it become difficult to locate them exactly.

In medical emergencies it may be hazardous and some other risks of these chips include electrical hazard, incompatibility with other medical equipment like MRI machines, adverse tissue reactions. In MRI the chances of electromagnetic interference increases with devices.

Researchers have proved that chip implantation in the animals have caused even cancer in one and ten percent of them. However, there are few evidences of the cancers caused by chip implantation, but still adequate studies have not been conducted so far.


2. No Freedom of Choice

Humans implanted with microchips have to be in their best behavior. There may not be any fast driving then allowed limit or free bus ride or not any more excuse for being late to office. To serve better the service provider will like to instill more than required information that is again a severe issue for freedom. One more question is that will we be still able to pay by our credit card or cash along with chip?


3. Will We Become Soft Target of Hackers?

Just like other technical devices, RFID chips are also sensitive to exploitation. Hackers or the people with bad intention can target the chips with almost no effort. The chips are not only readable but also writable for the hackers. Hence chip data can be easily wiped, copied and corrupted. Criminals of hackers can easily copy and replace your data by their own data.



The chips are being widely implanted in humans. They are now being used for various purposes like animal tracking, product tracking, passport control and many others. It may look you quite different to implant the chip, but in real they are similar to pacemaker implantation nothing else. Although they are being used widely, but still the debate about their health and privacy risk should be conducted.