Whenever, we talk about Internet of Things, electronics or wearables comes first to our min. These are just the devices that are using the technology, but the reality is that this technology is offering plethora of features to enhance the lifestyle of people. The utmost impact it has left on something in the entire market is the supply chain.

As per a research, it has come into notice that supply chain professionals are weighing something from past few time. However, it has been expected that IoT trend will going to make a huge impact on businesses and change the entire scenario of the logistics. By the year 2020, the number of internet connected devices will multiply many times which will show, how the supply chain operates and track how supply chain professionals will access information.

No doubt, supply chain management and ERP have worked together, but the enhancement in the IoT technology will aid in boosting those solutions by connecting processes, people, things and data using sensors and devices. When it comes to supply chain data and intelligence, a few more excellent outcomes can be acquired in varied modes that will range from manufacturing process to amended visibility within the process.


Prominent Outcome Of IoT In Supply Chain

In-transit visibility is one of the most crucial areas of supply chain where impact of IoT can clearly seen. Since, the logistics system is comprised of multiple payers and many movable parts. On the regular basis, products are managed and transferred between suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, distribution centers and customers. Thus, in order to keep a track on whereabouts and features, the entire process will use Internet of Things as its basis.

The Benefits Of Internet Of Things In Supply Chain Management_Prominent Outcome

In order to manage the entire process facilely, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and cloud based GPS will serves as the backbone. They will assist to extract location, identity and other crucial information. The user can get the access to the gathered data by simply tapping over it. Data ranging from manufacturer’s detail to retailer’s detail will get appear to the user. In addition to updating the user by shipping and delivery time, it will also help in monitoring the temperature control that can affect the quality of product in-transit.


IoT Benefits in Supply Chain – A Quick Glance

IoT allows to monitor product issues instantly, thus related solutions can be detected within time which can help in avoiding the asset losses.

  • Monitoring the traffic conditions can help the logistic service to take another route which will aid in saving fuel costs.
  • Monitoring the temperature of the surroundings can help the service providers to keep the food in the appropriate environment.
  • Usually, stores undergo out-of-stock situations, but an IoT system can generate timely notifications and can fulfill all the demands of their customers.

It can be concluded that implementing an IoT system for supply chain management can help a lot to the professionals and industries. They can serve the best to their clients to gain a huge clientele and popularity.