The impact of internet has paved a lot of changes and amendments in various domains like healthcare, transportation, security, banking and many more. Similarly, it has made a remarkable impact on all of our lives by changing the way of communication, shopping, learning and other daily routines. The great thing about internet is that it boasts the feature of spreading the information, news and fiction instantly. This has overcome the limitation of local newspaper, sending letters and national cable news. So, the current scenario is that each of one has the freedom to search, connect and send messages across the globe. Sitting at a single place and owning an internet enabled device can help an individual to get connected with multiple people at a same time.

Now, when we have discussed the feature of internet that connects the people with a single device, it will be delightful to know another fact, that is, it has influenced people and changed their way of communication. Earlier, people were limited with sending letters or calling over the telephones or visiting them to communicate. In contrast to this, they can make video call, text, mail and even voice messages. So, their way to communicating and exchanging messages has been changed such that impact on their social and psychological realities can be seen clearly.


A Few Examples of Communication Revolution

An Overview to Outcomes of Advancement in the Internet Technology_Internet Of Things IoT Examples

  • The primary use of internet is getting connected for exchanging information or communication. The best part of this is, the social network of most of the people has been expanded up to a good level. Thus, they can send and receive updates not occasionally, but daily or hourly. This will aid them to get more social, helpful, smart and updated.
  • A huge network established by a person with the help of internet is good, but in some or the other way, it is hindering the physical activities and daily routine. Although, they can work and communicated from home, but they will bound themselves within their home or place. Also, they can manage their several accounts from their device in some way; it will affect their health and physical activities.
  • It has become possible to send messages instantly, thus people can send and receive multimedia messages to update their well being instantly. However, this may also lead to insecurity of data which can be hacked while transferring from one server to other. So, security within the system has also become a major concern for people.

Internet of Things: How It Can Invite Hackers?

  • Updating the status from one end to another can help a lot in various sectors. As an instance, let us consider healthcare industry where IoT devices can be employed to update the status of a patient from one location to another. This can aid the healthcare professionals to recommend the treatment and medicines without making the patient to travel. Monitoring psychological and health status will also help the doctors to change the treatment process, if required.


It can be concluded that internet alone cannot bring the revolution across the world. It can only act as the basis. It is actually Internet of Things that can be deemed as the advanced form and can bring a huge revolution in all the domains.