Across the world, a lot of efforts have been put in order to enhance the capabilities of IoT. A plethora of national leaders and government of various countries focused on safety, economic development and safety in aspect of IoT implementation. Some of the authorities even spent a huge fund for the research and development of IoT applications. Some of the countries are working to expand the IoT systems for the welfare of public.

Another interesting fact is, some countries supported IoT discoveries via Smart America Challenge that pushed academia, government officials and private industry to come together in order to explore potential for responsive and smart infrastructure. However, another fact is that with each innovation of technology comes a huge challenges. A few of them have been explained here.



No doubt, IoT serves outstanding opportunities to boost efficiency, development and public safety, but in some aspects to also reflects various challenges that are usually neglected.


  • Analysis and Design

Various sectors and industries usually own a lot of data, but it becomes a challenge when the professionals undergo lack of required skills or usage of technology. Thus, in order to overcome such issues, it is important to understand and analyse the system such that the user can operate the IoT device easily. Also, hiring tech-savvy professionals can also be helpful who can operate the cutting-edge devices and systems easily.


  • Security

Maintaining the huge data via IoT system might be easy, but its security is a major factor that cannot be ignored. A firm of organization must keep a high security for its data for various reasons. Also, while transferring the data from an IoT device to another or server, the risk of data leakage gets high. Cyber attackers or hackers can easily extract the data from smart meters which can lead to loss of millions. Thus, no matter, whatever is the domain or purpose, IoT devices should be secured with the password and accessibility should be made limited.

There are many more challenges that are usually ignored by the users, but in various aspects they can lead to heavy loss in a system. If all these challenges are tackled well, then the potential of IoT can be enhanced which can bring a huge revolution in the world. Also, the authorities can enhance sustainability, delivery services and can bring up safer and highly advanced cities for the residents of a country.