Sensing as a Service (SnaaS) and Sensor Event as a Service (SEaaS) are the two terms that revolve around the process of developing the data of sensor, event of interests and applications floating over the cloud infrastructure. Cloud computing based applications of sensor-network plays a vital role in the entire process, thus it has been explained here.


Sensor Cloud

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Sensor cloud is a structure that aids pervasive computation with the help of sensors, data-compute clusters and internet. They behave as an interface between physical as well as cyber worlds, cyber backbone and communication, respectively. Moreover, it integrates sensing applications and cloud computing infrastructure with large-scale sensor network. Further, data is collected and processes from various sensor networks.

The processing also involves the enabling of large scale data collaboration and sharing among applications and users on the cloud. However, it is noteworthy that sensor-rich mobile devices deliver cloud services. Also, it support cross-disciplinary applications which reaches organizational boundaries easily.


Features Of Sensor Cloud

  • Assist users to collect, access, process, visualize, retrieve, share and find a huge amount of data from varied applications.
  • Support sensor data life cycle starting from data collection to backend decision support system.
  • A huge amount of sensor data can be processes, analyzed and stored with the help of storage and computational resources of the cloud.
  • Share sensor resources with multiple applications and users under flexible usage scenario.


Infrastructure Of Sensor-Cloud

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It involves extended cloud computing to tackle sensors. Sensor devices involved acts as a part of IT resources for users. It aids to generate service instances automatically for monitoring and controlling sensors. These functions can also be executed by web browser and user interface.

Akin to IT resource owners, sensor devices can also be employed by sensor owners. Since, sensors are a bit expensive and maintenance of battery based sensor is quite high, thus sharing through cloud sensor will be a great option as it can help in maintaining the overall cost.