Security is the most important thing, no matter it is a home, car, bag, laptop, smartphone or desktop. Adding a secured gateway or lock key to can electronic device can be easy, but unlocking it is not an easy task. In contrast to this, a door opener is easy to unlock, thus IoT technology has been applied within the same to enhance the security level. Thus, a lot of differences between traditional door openers and IoT door openers have achieved. Here, we have compared both of them in aspect of their functionality, accessibility and security. Let’s have a look on them.


Traditional Door Openers

Code based locks are the very usual ones that came into existence many years ago. A rolling code used to be implemented and the product was well-known as KeeLoq. It was a block cipher that generates codes using the cryptographic key and a counter. Syncing remote control with the door opener allows the remote control to generate same code alike the opener. Following this, if a user hits “open” button, the remote control start incrementing the counter and develops a new code for wireless broadcasting.

Now, once the code is received, it compare with next 256 codes of the queue. If it matches, the opener will increment its counter above the matching code and the door will open. In order to use the remote control easily, users can mount the keypads next to their garages that used to sync with the openers. These keypads also follows the same process and broadcast the same code, once entered by the user.

Iot Door Locks Vs Traditional Door Locks Which Is More Secured Traditional Locks

Since, operating these keypads is easy, therefore, hacking them is also easy. They can simply sync the new remote control which can be availed from any hardware store. Another way is to spy the user and get the code for unlocking the door. There are many more physical activities that can unlock the door easily.


IoT Door Openers

Akin to traditional door openers, IoT door openers can be installed, but the advantage that they are offering is the high security. No doubt, IoT system stores the information in real time, but hacking the code is not a piece of cake, if a tough security system is applied. The system owns a unique login credentials that is only known by the users. Still, there are possibilities of unlocking the system only if, the user will share the password or the access to the database where password is stored.

Iot Door Locks Vs Traditional Door Locks Which Is More Secured_IoT Smart Door Locks

Thus, it is very important for a user to consider various factors like authorization, authentication and commands. Also, changing password regularly, setting up dynamic DNS and limiting accessibility can also help. In short, IoT is a smart technology but using it smartly is also crucial in order to overcome security issues.


The Bottom Line

IoT door locks have overcome traditional door locks and leveraged a huge number of benefits. In parallel to implementing the same, it is also important to consider the security as it can cost heavily, if ignored.