Bluetooth is deemed as one of the most common and popular platform among people for sending and receiving data including audio, video and other multimedia files. Due to its lucrative features, its demand raised in the past few years with a good percentage. Another reason of increase in demand is the advancement in the version of it, that is, Bluetooth 4.0 which is also known as Bluetooth Smart. However, there are many more reasons that are pushing the change, growth and increased demand of the technology. Here, we have listed a few of them.


Factors Responsible For Demand Of Bluetooth Smart

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No doubt, Internet of Things is getting popularity and demand among users. Another fact about this technology is that most of the IoT devices are using bluetooth smart sensors. This is because bluetooth owns the ability to transfer the data without any wired connection. Thus, a large number of manufacturers are employing bluetooth to introduce an outstanding IoT device for their users.

  • Bluetooth consume a very little power for operation, thus, this is another reason that Internet of Things devices are using the same in order to serve an energy efficient equipment or system for their users. This feature of consuming less power has overcome many more technology devices.
  • Apple is the primary adopter of Bluetooth 4.0 that exhibits excellent quality. Additionally, Google has also started offering their devices with Bluetooth integrated within it. Thus, looking over the existing number of iOS and Android device users, a huge number will come into account that are using Bluetooth 4.0.
  • The applications of Bluetooth smart are no more limited to mobile phones, instead they have been expanded to laptops, tablets, mobile television screens, smart watches, remote controls, entertainment devices and fitness sensors. Since, these are offering an ease to the people to operate their accessories, thus, people are adopting bluetooth devices at an immense rate.



The remarkable growth of Bluetooth 4.0 in the IoT industry is reflecting the fact that it will become a standard for the manufacturing of devices. Also, varied industries including entertainment, healthcare, etc. are using the IoT devices manufactured using Bluetooth 4.0. With the continuous amendments in the bluetooth technology, it has been expected that more industries will start introducing bluetooth enables IoT devices. Resulting of this, the bluetooth enabled devices will grab the marketplace and sales graph will also rise with a good number.