With the advent of the internet and with globalization becoming a new normal for most of the businesses, reaching out of the boundaries of the country is no more complicated. Gone are those days when small and medium sized businesses used to have no other option than targeting their local market as both entry into the industry and going global required huge capital. But with the advent of time, this trend has completely changed.

Because of this, people have been looking to target the new market with a completely different language in their local language in order to stay more relevant and because of this, we are witnessing a rise of translation services.

Now there are many translation service providers out there that are offering translation services to a wide array of businesses and professionals and the demand for translation services is only increasing with time. But there have been many changes made to the translation industry since the inception of the internet and technology has played a huge role in shaping the translation industry.

If you are looking forward to knowing more about how technology has transformed the translation industry then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, we will discuss how about technology and translation services.


  • Better Speed

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One of the biggest issues in the old way of translation was time. Translation needs to be 100% accurate and if you are translating an important piece of document like a legal paper then there is no room for error. But in order to make sure that all the things in the piece of content has been translated with better accuracy, a lot of time was required. This is was on the main reasons why translation services in the past were very slow and this made it difficult for firms to get things on time.

But with the arrival of modern day software solutions and with the incorporation of AI in these software, translation was no more a slow process. You will be completely surprised to know that modern day translation software solutions that is used by professionals can easily translate hundreds of documents in just a few minutes. Although a cross-check is surely required but it has contributed towards making translation faster.


  • Better Accuracy

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Another great thing that most of the translation service providers have achieved by using technology in their translation service is accuracy. As discussed in the outset of the article, accuracy is one of the most important aspects of translation service and it doesn’t matter how hard you try or how much time you spend, you can never achieve 100% accuracy by only being dependent on human and this is where technology helped the translation industry.

By using technological solutions in the translation industry, the professionals were able to cross-check the translated documents quickly and this gave translator time to check whether they have achieved 100% accuracy through their translated piece of document or not.


  • Improved Onboarding

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Onboarding in the translation industry is one of the toughest job since when a translation company will hire a completely new translator then the company will need to make new appointment completely aware about the different types of processes, quality checks, standards and offering given by the translation company. If you are hiring on a regular basis then onboarding will surely become one of the most time taking processes in your firm and you will start losing your focus on the main service.

But now there are technological solutions like cloud storage that is allowing translation firms to have a centralized system for all the data that they use, access or store. During onboarding, the company will just need to give access to the cloud storage platform to the new hires and since the data will be located in a centralized format, it will become easier for the new hires to learn about the company and its process.


  • Reduced Cost

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You will be surprised to know that the introduction of technological solution in the translation industry has led to reduction in the price charged by the translation service providers as well. Before the introduction of technological solutions, all the mundane and repetitive task involved in the translation service have been removed and because of this, the need of humans on most of the parts of the translation process has been limited.

This has led to translation companies being less dependent on humans and it has also free up the translators to focus on all other aspects of translation service. All these factors have led to reduction in the overall price of translation service.