Kids are the major concern for parents, thus they always look forward to serve the best. Before, Internet of Things technology arrived in the market, there were many more technologies and products for parents using which they can give the utmost attention and care to their kids. Some of the wearables also flooded the market which was designed exclusively for the infants. These gave a sigh of relief to the parents, but IoT technology is the one that overcome all the issues evolved by existing devices.

Despite of featuring the amazing functionality by IoT devices, professionals are still finding the wearables or devices which can serve the best to the parents. Some of the research and analysis have revealed a few IoT based smart baby care products that can help parents to monitor their baby’s activities and location anywhere and anytime. Here, a few of the IoT wearables have been discussed.


  • Baby Wearables

Usually, babies find uneasy to carry uncomfortable wear, but Interactive pajamas can give a lot of fun to the kids and parents. They have been designed with a dot cluster pattern and own more than 90 bedtime stories that can help the kid to sleep and maintain their excitement throughout the day.


  • Baby Monitor

It is important to monitor the baby’s physical and mental status throughout the day and night, but sometimes it become impossible for the parents. Monbaby is an IoT device that will help in keeping an eye on breathing movements, faintest movement and sleep position of the baby.

How Internet of Things Applications - IoT Can Help Parenting_Baby Monitoring_Baby Monitor

This can be helpful for the parents who cannot keep themselves awake in the night or go out for work in daytime. Tracking the activities and movements using this device can give a peace of mind to the parents as they can get update of baby’s movement and breathing by an alert on their smartphone.


  • Baby Monitoring Camera

As stated above, baby monitor can aid the parents to know the movements and breathing of the baby, but baby monitoring can help a bit more. It can allow the parents to listen and respond via a wireless device. The parents just need a smartphone, laptop or desktop to make their babies listen to the lullabies.


Similar products are expected to launch in the market after completing their testing phase. Their safety is the major concern as multiple accessibility from remote location can lead to the threat to privacy or data leakage.