Roku streaming player is compact and portable, it is a wall-mounted TV that can be easily placed anywhere you probably want. Also, it is affordable, the range of prices means you can find a Roku streamer that fits your TV and budget.

Roku streaming devices like the Roku streaming stick plus the premiere or the expressed all come loaded with a ton of channels so that the user can access a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and other entertainment.

There is plenty of entertainment on the Roku platform, both free and paid options are there for the users. But sometimes “Roku stick not working” errors become an issue that does not allow us to enjoy watching movies and other stuff.


Roku Stick Not Working on TV?

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Hey, are you also facing this trouble? Facing difficulty watching shows? If yes, then don’t worry, we will guide you on how to fix this issue and also share the reason why the Roku stick not working on TV.

We would like to clear you that there is nothing serious that not allowing Roku stick to work, so you just be relaxed…


Why Roku Stick Not Working On TV?

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Dear users, the Roku stick is not working because of some common reasons that were shared below in the bulleted points. We hope the points will help you to easily manage the problem. Just have a look below…

  • There can be a power issue.
  • Not utterly connected.
  • Issues with the Internet can be a valid reason.
  • Internal malfunction can be a cause of this problem.
  • Roku remote troubles.
  • The old version also leads to this problem.


How To Fix Roku Stick Not Working On TV?

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We are now going to dispense solutions with you. All you have to do is to follow them properly. If you will skip any of the instructions then unluckily you will fail in overcoming this trouble. So kindly make sure to follow each step accurately.

So, are you ready to overcome this trouble on your own? That’s great, all you need is to be confident. Just have a look below.


Solution 1

Dear user, you have to make sure that the power should be precise. If the device will not get the proper power then obviously the Roku will be unable to work and hence the stick will also not work on Roku TV.


Solution 2

It can be possible that the Roku stick is not connected to the port correctly. So, in such a case what you have to do is to connect the stick tightly with the port. Hopefully, doing this will surely take you out of the problem that is causing trouble to you.


Solution 3

Hey, is the error was screening on your device? Don’t worry, once check the internet. Hopefully, the strong internet would be connected with the Roku, if not then kindly connect it. Make sure to enter the correct password to get full internet access.

For the stability and reliability of the internet ensure that there should not be any barriers or no other devices should be connected to the router that you are using.


Solution 4

It can be possible that the Roku remote is not working because of which you are unable to get access to the Roku stick. Make sure the Roku remote is working properly, check the batteries inserted on the remote, it is possible that the batteries are in-active. Change it with a new pair.

You can also use the Roku app as a substitute for the Roku remote.


Solution 5

It can be possible that you haven’t updated your device because of which you are troubling with this issue. We would like to inform you that updating is a very necessary process if it hasn’t taken place in the device then the device starts working slow and also starts causing many hurdles.

So, it would be better for you to just do this smart step and get out of Roku stick not working on TV issues. Hardly, updating will take 2 to 3 minutes of your time; it is very easy to do.


Solution 6

Still facing the issue then one of the best and ever working solutions is to just reboot your device. If there would be any defects then after rebooting that will be easily solved.

Many of the users get out of the Roku stick problem by rebooting the Roku TV.



  • Before rebooting, kindle disconnects the internet.
  • Also, disconnect the Roku stick and close all the tabs and after that, you can do the reboot process.

When the screen goes off, remove the wires too and wait for at least 20 to 25 minutes. And after that plug in the wires and turn on the device. After a few seconds connect the internet and then Roku sticks to the TV. Hopefully, it will work.